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  Morgan Cruise vs. Tony Law

Rosy cheeked rookie Tony Law

Mano a mano muscle arm wrestling

Bubble butt intimate bearhug

Sexy rookie exposed & stretched

Morgan flies through the air about to drive his golden boot through the torso of the battered rookie

Tenderized Beef and Lessons that Can't Be Unlearned

Morgan's unrepentant rule breaking inspires a slow burning fire in Tony Law. In Tony's world, cheaters never prosper. But BG East is a universe away from Tony's world. His purity of heart and sincere devotion to the rules of fair play serve no other purpose but to make Morgan dig deeper into his swelling bag of dirty tricks. It's a nasty ride for wide-eyed do-gooder Tony, and along the way he discovers that virtue and an honest day's work get you nothing but a boot to the face and knee to the crotch in the BG East ring.

The non-stop mauling that lasts until the very last minute of this marathon is not for squeamish eyes. Morgan manhandles the farmboy like Tony has never been manhandled before. He tramples him relentlessly, standing squarely on Tony's broad chest and bounces like he's on a trampoline. He sends the beefy rookie crashing into all four corners, kicking and punching him at every turn. A slap in the face rouses the fading mountain of muscle. "You should've learned from your mistakes!" Morgan crows while Tony is desperately clinging to consciousness. "I'll cheap shot you as many times as it takes!"

It turns out when your dealing with a side of beef the size of Tony, it takes a lot. Standing squarely within the rules of fair play, he can barely mount an ounce of offense, but even still it takes a solid 20 minutes of relentless pummeling for Morgan to finally force out a first fall submission from the earnest rookie. "You're a pathetic disgrace!" Morgan barks in the farmboy's face. "Thinking you could come in here and take the champion on! You look like a giant pussy right now!" The more helpless Tony becomes, the more vicious Morgan turns. Tony is nearly out on his feet for the final 10 minutes of this marathon squash, and still Morgan grows nastier by the second. A pec claw in the corner rouses the rookie to a screaming submission, but Morgan isn't satisfied. He parades the wailing rookie around the ring with his claws still locked tightly into the farmboy's meaty pectoral muscles. He literally picks the sputtering hunk off his feet by his pecs and tosses the giant across the ring.

"Bit off more than you could chew?" Morgan asks rhetorically, because Tony has long lost the ability to form coherent speech. He's a long way from the family farm, and perhaps he's thinking that being a big fish in a small pond wasn't such a bad thing after all. But the lessons that Tony learns from Morgan Cruise will almost certainly haunt him forever.

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Morgan Cruise vs. Tony Law
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Tony screams out in agony as hes repeatedly led dropped by Morgan

Face to face, bulge to bulge: Full body contact pec claw push-ups, combines pain, power, humiliation

Driving a boot to the sternum

Arm cocked back ready to strike

Taunting his latest victim

Morgan's powerful clothesline

Bubble butt! Morgan places his boot on his wrecked rookie, like a big game hunter claiming his prize

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