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  Blaine Janus vs. Eddy Rey & Kieran Dunne

Eddy Rey & Kieran Dunne 390 lbs

Blaine enjoys humiliating Kieran with an ankle pulling Boston Crab variation

Eddy's inverted reverse bearhug!

Blaine cockily scissors the golden boy

Torture rack/dragon sleeper combo. Blaine gets tortured by the two muscle hunks

TAG TEAM TORTURE 14: Two Goliaths Blaine Busily Bothers

Blaine Janus needs to learn a little workout etiquette. He shouts to hear himself over his earbuds. Oblivious in the BGE weight room, he rushes muscle gods Kieran Dunne and Eddy Rey, demanding they cut their sets short so he can zip through his varied circuit training. He doesn't even bother to restore the weight settings to their original slots before dashing off to the next machine. Kieran and Eddy work out together all the time; they focus on key muscle groups, steadily and patiently, creating over the years the hard cut physiques BG East fans like to drool over. Blaine is not just oblivious to them, but blind to their growing irritation over his poor gym manners. Blaine has always looked nice enough, a straight-up kind of guy, to judge by appearance, but tough. An experienced wrestler from his Navy days, Blaine has become increasingly arrogant since his debut against Austin Raines a while back. In fact, Blaine's a bit of a brat when other people don't roll over and play dead for him, and blowback of some sort has seemed almost inevitable for a while now.

Kieran is first to confront the showy blond Canadian over his bad manners, with sexy Eddy standing stone-faced by his side. Blaine snaps back in a defensive tone that suggests that the two BGE veterans don't understand the real science of physical training ... or bodybuilding! Kieran makes the obvious comparison: between his rock-solid upper body and Blaine's soft, slender, and frankly rather vulnerable-looking build. Blaine responds testily, saying the pair's muscles are pretty and nice to touch, but inhibit their movement on the wrestling mat. "I've seen your videos," he adds smugly. "You saying I can't wrestle?" shoots back Kieran, as he and Blaine start to push and shove. Carried away by the energy of the moment (and a TON of balls), Blaine boasts that he can whip the two of them, Kieran and Eddy together, on the mat ... at once! It's a splendid bit of bravura on Mr. Janus's part, but can he ever hope to back the swagger up? He follows it up by pushing Eddy-- a man who towers over him and who has never struck any of us here at BGE as the type to 'suffer fools gladly.' When Eddy tells Blaine, "Be careful, man," the deep intonation in his voice is something you want never to hear out of somebody that big and powerful. Ordinary caution would pull most sane men back from what looks like the brink of certain disaster...

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Forced muscle worship: Blaine humiliated by the smaller of the musclemen

Blaine becomes a punching bag for Eddy as Kieran enjoys his revenge

Blaine Janus 5'9, 155 lbs

Blaine traps the muscle stud with a mounted full nelson

Bubble butt bearhug against the wall

Double team action to come

Eddy admonishes his partner as Blaine cranks another headscissors

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