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  Yorik vs. Silver Eagle

Thick quads punish Eagle

Silver Eagle holds his nads

A mask is no protection!

Morgan pounds on those thick pecs

Yorik aka Morgan Cruise takes down the big new boy and punishes him with a leg spread a chinlock

Words that Shake BG East to the Core: "Losers Wear Masks!"

There's nothing "rookie" about the bearhug that Silver Eagle applies, either. He hoists Yorik off his feet and shakes him like a rag doll, working the stunned heel's back from every angle for what seems an eternity. Finally flinging him to the floor, the dominating hero in red, white, and blue stares down at the crumpled hunk at his feet. The way he humiliatingly slaps Yorik's face away as the struggling badboy tries to climb off the mat is hardly the sportsmanly conduct of a do-gooder. Has everyone at BG East been bamboozled by a hungry, hunky con artist secretly bent on staking his own claim to the status of resident heel?

A savage blow to the rookie's pendulous package puts a halt to Silver Eagle's commanding momentum. Yorik quickly decides that this is most definitely not the right-versus-might match-up that he was expecting. He schoolboy pins his opponent and dials the intimidation factor up to 'High' by peeling off his own mask and revealing just who Silver Eagle is messing with: none other than heel-on-a-roll, Morgan "the Mastodon" Cruise!

Most of the time, masks lend a wrestler an added ferocity, an all-bets-are-off attitude that makes the Masked Mayhem series one of the most brutal collections in the BG East library. The anonymity of masks seems inevitably to inspire even the most babyface of heroes to dive into the deep end of low-down viciousness. But having absolutely bulldozed through one opponent after another since arriving at BG East, Morgan has demonstrated time and time again that he's not "most wrestlers." Unmasked, the Mastodon quickly reaches a level of bloodlust that no opponent, rookie or not, wants to face. He nearly rips Silver Eagles' pecs off his rib cage. The catalog of back and neck breakers Morgan snaps on with authority is completely devastating.

He claws, crushes, twists and pounds the patriotic hunk from head-to-toe. One of Morgan's many fan-pleasing aptitudes is his ability to present a captured opponent at his most vulnerable, and his treatment of Silver Eagle is no exception. The rookie's eye catching bulge and gorgeous, round bubble butt are laid out to perfection, giving the camera every opportunity to examine a crushed hero's quivering assets in up-close detail. A brutal neck crank both makes Silver Eagle wail out his submission, and displays his beautiful butt spilling out of the metallic blue trunks wedged deep up his crack.

As much as the sight of a crushed, quivering opponent exhilarates Morgan, catching a glimpse of his own powerful physique in the mirror is simply intoxicating to the Mastodon. "That's one good looking man," Morgan charms himself. "I never wear a mask," he explains to his battered opponent barely able to pry himself up off the mat. "You know why? Because people are afraid of the Mastodon! Losers wear masks!"

You can guarantee there are some classic masked heels at BG East who took note of Morgan's commentary. And you can rest assured that that is exactly what Morgan intended!

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Yorik vs. Silver Eagle
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