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  Cage Thunder vs. Gold Mantis*

Gold Mantis - 5'8, 170 lbs

Cage clamps on a claw

Face smothering hot head scissors

Double pec claw: digging deep

The Golden Mantis man-handled

Anybody Else But Cage Thunder!

Another hot masked rookie sat across from The Boss, predicting great things for himself at BG East. The Boss has heard it all before, many times over. Young hunks with some hot muscles and a thing for masks always assume that they are going to be the next big thing to sweep BG East fans off their feet. This kid was a solid cut of beef, no question. He talked a good game, but then again, talk is cheap, particularly when you're nowhere near an opponent. The handsome young mystery hunk had just one stipulation. "Just don't put me in the ring with Cage Thunder," he insisted. "I'll take on anybody else you've got, mask vs mask, but not him. Not yet." However he signed the contract without putting this codicil in writing, so the Boss merely took the kid's special request "under advisement."

Although he's crap at contract negotiation, this rookie is no dummy. Dubbed by the Boss as "Gold Mantis" and sent to the ring in achingly pretty metallic gold trunks to go with his white and gold mask, he knows to be wary. Unfortunately for him, he's not quite wary enough. Cage Thunder lies in wait, and the moment the rookie steps toward the ring, the masked veteran of his nightmares steps out of the shadows and attacks him from behind. Why, you might ask, would the Boss schedule this rookie's first match with the one notorious heel he specifically asked to be spared? You must not know the Boss. Setting up a rookie to face his worst nightmare is classic Kid Leopard!

Cage Thunder has been dialing up the worst nightmares of his opponents for years now. Knowing that Gold Mantis was hoping for anyone but him merely made the vicious heel that much hungrier to get his hands on his hot bodied foe. And get his hands on him, he does! Long before he lets the kid finally climb into the ring, the veteran bends Gold Mantis backward across his knee and strokes the young stud's hard, bulging muscles lustfully. "You like pain, huh!" Cage Thunder growls dangerously, wrapping his hand around the kid's beautiful golden bulge and clawing the rookie's balls savagely. Your worst nightmare for an opponent and ambushed with an over-the-knee ball claw? Welcome to BG East, Gold Mantis!

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