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  The Enforcer vs. Maskador

Enforcer stretched as never before

On his knees in sheer trunks

The Enforcer cradled for the count

Nipple twister brings Mask down

Maskador put in his place

Masks Slip, Egos Bruise, Lusts Swell

There are a few constants when it comes to the formula the Enforcer uses to dominate his opponents. For example, a boston crab at the hands of the Enforcer typically signals lights out for an opponent. However, powerful Maskador shocks the big man by muscling his way out of the devasting hold. This isn't some awestruck opponent quivering in fear of the infamous brutality of Enforcer. Hold for hold, Maskador meets and occasionally surpasses the silent menace in cinching on immobilizing holds and delivering devastating pain.

But every time Maskador elevates his game, Enforcer digs deeper into his store of vicious and demoralizing maneuvers. He chokes Maskador relentlessly in the ropes and with his bare hands. He pounds his opponent's sculpted, tanned torso until Maskador's perfect complexion is mottled with bright red bruises. The most reliable tools in Enforcer's arsenal are his tree trunk thighs, which he clearly delights in wrapping around Maskador's masked face and crushing his skull. He transitions the long, lingering head scissors into a figure-4 chokehold, making the masked muscle stud whimper out his submission.

This is clearly not Maskador's first rodeo, however. When Enforcer finally tears his eyes away from his own flexing physique staring back at him in the mirror, Maskador snaps shut the steel trap of his golden lycra-clad thighs around Enforcer's head in a intensely intimate crotch-to-face head scissors. The beast in black struggles for air as his golden opponent flexes his legs like a vice around his skull. Maskador looks utterly transported by the ecstasy of hearing his opponent's helpless groans muffled between his thighs.

Suddenly, Maskador takes advantage of his opponent's predicament by beginning to unlace Enforcer's iconic mask. The stakes jump a thousand fold as the identity of the infamous masked villain appears in jeopardy. Fists fly. The ropes are used to restrain one hard hunk for a solid 5 minutes of a wild grab bag of humiliating torture. Neither muscleman is beaten enough to be able to be unmasked just yet, so the mutual battering continues back and forth. Without a doubt, the stakes are clearly the unmasking and exposing of one of these two dangerous musclemen.

Momentum teeters on a razors edge to the very end of this match, and both hard hunks are clearly turned on as the wrestling grows fiercer. The looser the masks sit on their heads, the more desperate they fight to hold onto their dignity, until one of them finally hangs upside down in the corner, bashed and battered beyond any last ability to defend himself. In a move straight out of a superhero flick, his opponent pries the upside down hunk's mask halfway off and tenderly kisses the fallen stud before ripping his mask off entirely, and strolling from the ring with the hard fought trophy -- and hold on glory -- firmly in hand.

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