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  The Enforcer vs. Maskador

Maskador - 6'2, 206 lbs

Bulge to bulge in a bearhug

Quadruple pec claws

NO! NO! Not the mask!

Maskador attacked The Enforcer's laces. Will he succeed where so many before him have failed?!?

One Golden Grasp at Glory

The Enforcer's reputation for irrepressibly dishing out destruction was cemented from the moment he introduced himself to BG East fans by brutally bashing Brad Rochelle into oblivion. His style is terrifyingly methodical. Like the superhuman villain of a horror film, he may take some shots along the way, but he is seemingly unstoppable as he inevitably, systematically breaks his opponents apart piece by piece until they are quivering helplessly in his crushing embrace. His infamy has grown, match by match, attracting the attention of not only an army of Enforcer-fans, but piquing the curiosity of some of the biggest names in the business. His most recent two opponents turned out to be BG East legends who decided to don masks to make their bids to be the first to come out on top against the masked menace. Conquering Enforcer's beefy body would be prize enough, but the real reward they're gunning for is untying those laces and exposing the man behind the mask for all the world to see. But Blueboy and Marauder can testify to the dangers of underestimating the power, relentlessness, and terrifying brutality of the mysterious muscleman in the lightning bolt mask.

But with each devastating victory, the prize of being the one to best the Enforcer becomes more tempting to many of the supremely confident BG East hunks. Whoever is the first to unlace that black and gold mask and expose the mere mortal underneath will surely, instantly earn his seat in the pantheon of BG East legends. To grab glory with both hands by delivering the most humiliating maneuver a masked wrestler can suffer is a challenge that intoxicates and entices countless young warriors to want to face down the terror that Enforcer inspires. Maskador is no exception. Tanned and toned to perfection, he has the physique of a fitness star and the confidence of a ring veteran. He towers over his infamous opponent, flexing his bulging biceps tauntingly in Enforcer's face. Enforcer wears sheer trunks, demonstrating that although we've never seen his face, he's not shy about showing off the rest of his hot body.

Both of these beautiful men instantly zero in on each other's most enticing attribute: their pecs. A pec-punching contest starts the confrontation off, proving that both of these hard hunks can both dish out and take power-packed punishment. Maskador's smooth, tanned chest quickly grows beet red from Enforcer's fists and forearms, but the golden challenger also knocks the notorious brute back on his heels with stunning power of his own. Simultaneous pec claws take both wrestlers deeper into the depths of endurance sport as they dig viciously into each other's mountainous pecs. Gut punching is the next test of core strength, and when Maskador suddenly snaps on an ironclad neck wrenching hold, the infamously, eerily silent Enforcer grunts loudly in pain!

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Mask to mask resuscitation: Maskador strung up in the Tree of Woe, his masked partially peeled

The Enforcer buries his claws into Maskador's pecs as he arches him back for the pin

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Maskador pounds the abs

Maskador's nose buried

Hot sweaty masked muscle

Knee to spine chinlock

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