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  Lon Dumont & Nicholas Rush vs. Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper

Lon - 5'6, 140 & Nicholas, 6'2 160

Figure 4 leg lock & surfboard

2 on 1 double boston crab

Revenge 2 on 1 boston variation

Double rack variations: Babyface studs gets stretched across the exultant heels backs

The Good Old-Fashioned American Boys versus Wham! Pow! = WOW!

Here they come! The electricity in the air is not only palpable but also damn near hot enough to fry the skin off your fingers. Their combined magnetism is irresistible. In their first pairing at BG East, Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins enter the ring like the icons they are - the babyface team of your (and our) wet dreams! The Good Old-Fashioned American Boys! Barefoot and decked out in matching red-white-and-blue trunks, they climb through the ropes, brandishing near identical physiques, Jake's a little more finely chiseled, Coop's a little more immovably solid. Both these guys look their best ever, and we're talking here about two wrestlers whose bodies nobody ever once has called anything less glowing than "spectacular." These guys were born with six-packs, buffed cleavage, and asses so hard the doctors busted some metacarpals just trying to spank them.

Lurking in the opposite corner: muscly, mouthy Lon Dumont and his latest henchman (after dumping Chace LaChance, his cohort in Tag Team Torture 12), a young man called Nick Rush. Nick and Lon look over the all-American heroes with a mixture of anticipation, loathing, and distress. "I ain't worried," Lon boasts to Nick, out the side of his mouth, seconds before the star-spangled duo make their big entrance, "You worried? Naw, I ain't worried." Muttering to himself mostly, inadvertently Lon gives away his trepidation over facing the well-trained babyfaces, who have worked together many times through the years, evolving into the well-oiled kickass machine they are today. The seats of the heel team's skimpy gear read, "Pow!" (on Lon's) and "Wham!" (on Nick's), showy signs of bravura that pale in the presence of the Old-Glorious colors Coop and Jake are sporting.

One of BG East's latest finds, Nick immediately sought Lon out as a mentor. Lon was reluctant to share his spotlight. Convinced that the new kid was trainable, though, Lon warmed to the idea of having a sidekick, a foil to burnish his ego and step in from time to time when the action got a little too hot for Lon to handle alone. Nicholas learned fast, and the two wrestlers trained hard in preparation for TTT15. What Austin Cooper and Jake Jenkins bring to the ring after years of sparring with each other and backing each other in tag matches away from BGE would have to be matched by what Lon and Nicholas could pull together through intensive training over a mere two or three weeks.

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Lon Dumont & Nicholas Rush vs. Jake Jenkins & Austin Cooper
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Dastardly double teaming delight

Austin - 5'9, 168 & Jake, 5'7 157

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