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  Dick Rick & Braden Charron vs. Donnie Drake & Freddy 4Play

Braden - 5'8, 195 & Dick - 6'2, 225

Freddy becomes Dick's puppet!

One of many gorilla slams

Big Braden drops the big elbow

Poor Freddy effortlessly lifted and bear hugged into submission in Braden's huge arms

Chum or Chump? (With A Guest Appearance by Jonny Firestorm!)

Donnie Drake looks nervous as he waits for the substitute that The Boss promised him when his originally announced tag partner no-showed on the day of the taping. The ref tries to be sympathetic, but Donnie is worked up, and a worked up Donnie cannot be reasoned with! The opponents saunter in, gloating. Braden Charron and especially Dick Rick are sadistic enough to prefer a handicap match against Donnie, two on one, preferably with no ref and no rulebook either. They pop their biceps towards the wall-length mirror, grinning ear to ear at the prospect of giving The Big T.V. Star a trouncing. Then Jonny Firestorm shows up, and you can see the relief wash over Donnie's face like a wave. But tough-as-nails Jonny is NOT the substitute partner. He tells them the substitute is coming up right behind him. The door swings open, and in walks...Freddy 4Play. Huh?

Who??? Freddy 4Play is a complete unknown, short of stature, a sexy enough doughboy, sure, but as a match for either Braden or Dick? Fuggetaboutit! Donnie can't believe his eyes, and his chin drops down to the floor. The heels are really beaming now. As they see it, Donnie saddled with a loser partner like Freddy is worse off than if he had to take them on by himself. In a fit of rage and frustration, Donnie demands that Freddy prove himself by going into the ring first and face the ruthless and vastly more experienced Dick Rick. Earnest Freddy doesn't even flinch and climbs through the ropes, where Dick, walking like his nuts were made out of cannonball iron, looks him over, smirking.

True to his surname, Freddy 4Play is gangbusters at the beginning, unexpectedly fierce and incredibly game, but all it takes is a few stiff punches and knee jabs from Dick, and fast Freddy loses his fire fast. Freddy surprises Dick (and everybody) with the level of force and confidence he brings into play at the outset, but he can't hold on to the advantage for long. The ref looks totally helpless as Dick gives the new boy a big brutal pounding, while Donnie Drake flinches helplessly in his corner. Freddy takes a lot of punishment, more than most men twice his size could stand, and you can read in Donnie's eyes that, even if he doesn't regret throwing the green dude in with Dick like so much chum for sharks, his estimation of the rookie seems to be growing, and when Freddy at last is able to break free and tag Donnie in, the reality TV veteran says appreciatively, "Not bad, kid."

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Dick Rick & Braden Charron vs. Donnie Drake & Freddy 4Play
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Freddy takes one between the legs

Ref down! Matching torture racks take their toll on our babyface duo

Donnie 6'1, 210 & Freddy - 5'4, 150

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Double muscle hunk nerve hold

Big Dick all down Freddy's throat

Braden enjoys the show as Donnie D gets double teamed by the unstoppable muscle hunk heels

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