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  Christian Taylor vs. Pete Sharp

Christian Taylor - 6'2, 175

Big bulging leg split cradle on Pete

Admiring the rookie's assets

Pete's full body press pins Christian

With Christian Taylor schoolboy pinned firmly under him, Pete Sharp flexes his impressive muscle

Pretty Pete Sharp Promises to Defeat, Dazzle and Destroy

Heads turned the moment that rookie Pete Sharp walked through the door at BG East. The blond, blue-eyed, ridiculously handsome hunk is hard to take your eyes off of, even when fully clothed! It irritates Pete when people call him "pretty," but unfortunately for him it's his lot in life to be constantly irritated, because the boy is simply devastingly attractive. Think Christopher Bruce's face, Brad Rochelle's body, and Joshua Goodman's.... assets! It's no wonder that when he posed for his backyard photo shoot, several BG boys stole peeks out the windows to glimpse this awesome Adonis. Pete is tastefully tattooed, tanned, and tightly muscled. It's no exaggeration to say that jaws dropped at the sight of Pete's bulging biceps, pumped pecs, awesome abs and eye-popping battle bulge!

Even the BG East back office boys didn't know for sure what to expect from Pete on the mats. It's rare for The Boss to sign a rookie without seeing his moves first. However, with indy pro veteran / BGE fan favorite Lon Dumont vouching for you, doors open fast! "He'll dazzle 'em, then he'll destroy 'em," Lon promised about pretty Pete's grappling credentials.

And there was no shortage of opponents eager to get their hands on the rookie! After much jockeying for the nod, the coveted honor fell to the equally pretty, tall, sexy perennial fan favorite, Christian Taylor. Christian has wrestled in some of the sexiest mat matches in the BG East archives, so sending fresh meat like Pete out to the gazebo to square off against him sent a clear message: It pays to be a favorite of The Boss!

Pete's pre-match stipulation was that there be no chokeholds. "I've got an old neck injury from football," the rookie insisted. Wait. Did pretty Pete just point out his Achilles' heel to his opponent before the match even started!? "Sure, kid," Christian grinned sideways, giving the golden muscle boy another appraising and telling look from head to toe.

Christian has the clear advantage in height, reach and experience. But Pete appears to more than make up for it in thick, powerful muscle and an oddly cool confidence as they stare one another down. The rookie's power and Christian's leverage seem a perfect match as they jockey for an early advantage. In a flash, Christian goes straight for the neck, locking on a vicious full nelson that drives Pete's chin into his breastbone. Pete huffs and puffs like a train engine struggling to muscle his way free. A chokehold, clearly, isn't the only way to exploit a naïve rookie's old football injury! Welcome to BG East, boy!

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Christian Taylor vs. Pete Sharp
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Once again Christian goes for a leg splitting spladle to pin and punish the sexy rookie hunk

With his neck compressed forward, Pete's forced to stare down at his 6 pack and packed pouch

Pete Sharp - 6'2, 170

Snap the stud: Take THAT, rookie!

Very threatening revenge nelson

Suffering in Pete's iron bodyscissors

Pete Sharp works an iron-tight bearhug. Can he apply enough pressure to force Christian to submit?

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