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  Shannon Embry vs. Scott Starr

Shannon Embry - 6', 165

Shannon determined to avoid Scott's power

Unique backbreaking agony

Shannon unable to escape his beating

Shannon manages an ab stretch, trapping the angry muscleplug

"The Problem" and Working a Stick

Indy wrestling veterans Shannon Embry and Scott Starr have met in the ring before. On opposite sides of an epic tag-team battle, Scott was on the winning tag-team that obliterated earnest young Shannon and his partner. It takes more than just victory to make a partnership tick, however, and when Scott and his tag team partner Dick Rick start to bump egos, their devastating teamwork dissolves into an ugly grudge match in which Dick Rick takes sexy Scott had his legendarily luscious bubble butt in hand and brutalizes him, teaching the sexy Southern boy a rare lesson in abject humility.

That was Scott's second straight loss in one-on-one competition at BG East, and despite the viciousness he displayed in his lone tag team victory, he's looking vulnerable when he doesn't have the likes of Dick Rick at his back. And it turns out Dick wasn't the only wrestler in that tag team match who felt like he had a score to settle with sexy Scott Starr. Smelling blood, Shannon Embry made an appeal for a rare BG East re-match in order to be the third wrestler to kick Scott's infamously juicy bubble butt all over the wrestling ring. Shannon's looking for a way to turn around his lackluster BG East record, and getting in line to bash that Southern loudmouth's ass seems like the perfect way to do it. For his part, determined to prove he can hold his own on his own in the high stakes BG East ring, ever cocky Scott accepted the challenge.

The Southern battler can't quite believe his eyes as he laces up his boots and laughs at the fluorescent orange and pink trunks Shannon is wearing inside the ring. "Ten hours I spend on an airplane," Scott suddenly turns angry, "and I'm in here with the illegitimate son of Rainbow Brite! How old are you!?" Scott demands, clearly completely disinterested in the answer. "Can you drive?" Scott continues. "Can you drive a standard!?" Shannon leans across the top rope and flashes a sly smile. "I can work a stick," he replies with a sideways grin.

"You seem kind of green," Scott declares in his slow, Southern twang. "I think you need a lesson."

"Do you know anyone that could help me out with that?" Shannon asks, motioning for sexy Scott to put up or shut up.

"You are in luck!" Scott snaps back, climbing slowly into the ring and sizing Shannon up.

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Shannon Embry vs. Scott Starr
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Arm cranked, neck torqued, Scott goes to work

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Scott Starr - 5'10, 195

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