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  Paul Hudson vs. Lon Dumont  

Paul Hudson 5'7, 160 lbs

Weakening Lon with a scissors

KO #1? Rear chancery attempt

Fighting off a classic sleeper

Lon uses his newly developed muscle power to squeeze the air out of Paul for the Knock Out bearhug!

Who's the Teacher and Who's the Student?

You can track Lon Dumont's tenure at BG East by the length of his hair. When he first arrived, his pate was smooth as a baby's bottom, but he was far from a rookie. After a successful career as a title holding professional wrestler, he took a sabbatical from the ring to work on his physical conditioning. In the obsessive, over-achieving way he has, this resulted in Lon entering serious competitive bodybuilding, where once again he grabbed championship titles left and right. After honing his outstanding wrestling skills and crafting a stunningly ripped physique, he brought his particular brand of shock and awe to teach the wrestlers at BG East a thing or two about the fine art of professional wrestling. His crossover career from wrestler to bodybuilder and back to wrestler again did nothing but increase the threat he posed to any opponent willing to climb into the ring with him. A seasoned professional with both a deep, threatening wrestling arsenal and the raw power of a physique champion is as dangerous combination as they come!

Speaking of dangerous, Paul Hudson's storied career with BG East has demonstrated time and time again that his indy pro ring skills make him a serious contender against any opponent, in the ring, on the mats, gazebo, wrestleshack, inside or out. His highflying, high impact brand of wrestling and growing disregard for the rules of fair play have not always put Paul on top, but they have never failed to wring wary respect from an opponent. So it should come as no surprise that he was none too flattered to learn that another "real" pro wrestler had arrived at BG East to offer advice and coaching. If there are lessons to be learned here, Paul plans on being the one to teach them!

Lon is, of course, admiring the image of his stunning physique in the mirror when Paul arrives. Paul's colorful boots catch Lon's eye. "Nice boots," he mutters, leaving it open-ended as to whether he's being sarcastic or not. "They're from my home town, Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada," Paul declares proudly, pacing the perimeter of the ring and giving the posing bodybuilder a careful once over. The mutual disrespect and dislike is instant and intense. The longer Lon disregards him to stare at his own image in the mirror, the more irate Paul grows. "Come on, make fun of my home city. I fucking dare you! First you come into my ring, pose in my mirror, and now you make fun of my boots!?"

Lon's self-admiring gaze doesn't waver for a moment. A consummate trash talker and expert practitioner of psychological warfare, he lets the tension grow in silence before choosing the precise words necessary to crawl right under his opponent's skin. "Good to see that your mouth is as filthy as your home town," he replies with a smirk, successfully insulting both Paul and Sin City. Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!

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Paul Hudson vs. Lon Dumont
40 minutes
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Reverse fig 4 headscissors, is it enough to put the bodybuilder out?

Packed Paul Hudson out flat on his back in the middle of the ring

Lon Dumont 5'7, 150 lbs

Yanking back on a chinlock

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Mounted butterfly neck crank

Paul cranks on a rear naked choke classic sleeper as Lon slips in and out of consciousness

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