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  Morgan Cruise vs. Skip Vance & Christian Taylor*  

Long, lean, lovely, sultry and sexy Christian Taylor - 6'2, 175 lbs

Powerful lifting bearhug

Suck on THAT, prettyboy! Morgan rides Christian while poor Skip is hung upside down in a tree of woe

The cornered babyfaces suffer and frantically try to pry Morgan's claws off of their aching pouches

Locked together in a forced submission hold, Morgan forces BG East's premiere couple to lock lips!

My Boyfriend's Back - And You're Gonna Be Sorry!

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Morgan Cruise is all set to take on BG East's ageless twink extraordinaire, Christian Taylor. Having spent the last year picking muscle gods like Marc Merino and Chace LaChance out of his teeth, Morgan told us he was ready for some lighter fare, just for variety's sake. But when Christian shows up at ringside with real-life partner Skip Vance in tow, Morgan demands a crack at both boyfriends in the ring at the same time. He thinks that one twink, like one Lean Cuisine, may not be enough to satisfy his hairy mega-heel appetite. Christian insists that they stick with the original setup. Why drag his boyfriend into it? Skip's here for Christian only, as cheering section and moral support, but the ever-frisky Skip's beaming face betrays more than a small hint of interest in Cruise's proposition.

"I didn't quite catch your name": Morgan pretends never to have heard of Taylor, only BG East's best-known wrestling twink magnet, one of the company's hottest commodities - and a long-time personal favorite of The Boss. Without a trace of ego, Christian politely offers his full name, only to be met with a surly slap to the face! And the fight is on! Christian lights into "The Mastodon," locking up collar and elbow and pushing him to the opposite corner. Cruise almost effortlessly hurls him back to the center of the ring and proceeds to do what he came here for: dismantling the tall, handsome runway model.

Morgan concentrates most of his malevolent attention on the tall man's back and midsection, bending him over his knee and firing punch after punch to his long torso and abs. Skip cheers Christian on from the sidelines, but Morgan clearly intends that his all-out assault on Taylor will lure Vance into the fray. "It's weird that you don't seem too concerned about the well-being of your partner," he says, insinuating (and not for the last time) that the couple may be experiencing some trouble in paradise these days! Yet Skip has his boyfriend's back all the way, confident in his man's ability to turn the tide. He shouts encouragement and hurls taunts at Cruise, who storms the ropes to slap the slim tan blond twink right across the mouth. "I've got your boyfriend's body all to myself," Morgan sneers, a deliberate, uncalled-for but clearly manipulative provocation.

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Team Torture 16: Boyfriend Beatdown!


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Morgan Cruise vs. Skip Vance & Christian Taylor*
53 minutes
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Plenty of chokes to go around!

#sexyasfuck, #BGEdoesitbest

Man-Mangling Mastodon, Morgan Cruise - 5'8, 175 lbs

Morgan enjoys torturing & toying with his prey, twisting his nipple as he's arched back over a knee

Watching his boyfriend get tortured, Skip Vance nears the breaking point

Our favorite couple gets revenge with a full nelson gut bashing

Dripping with sweat over his nude jobber boys, Morgan boots Skip's mouth onto Christian's crotch

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