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  Diego Diaz vs. Rio Garza

Diego Diaz - 6'3, 184 lbs

Diego dominates: Rio trapped on the ropes and sleepered by his powerfully crushing legs

Rio floating, choked, suffering and back bent in Diego's spectacular suspended bow & arrow

Succumbing in a powerful bearhug: Rio slowly slides down Diego's ripped abdomen

Rio's turn to show off his strength as Diego suffers in a crushing bodyscissors across his lower abs

Fire and Ice

Two of BG East's most popular wrestlers are anything but fans of each other. Diego Diaz, a firebrand if we ever saw one, made the mistake of calling himself the "new and improved Rio Garza" at a recent BG East wrestlers party within earshot of Rio, and Rio, calm and collected as ever, immediately walked up to the six-foot-three fan favorite, poked his finger to his chest, and challenged him to step in the ring to back that boast up.

Undaunted, Diego shot back, saying, "That's been my dream, bro. And it always ends with me kicking your ass." Rio pressed in close enough that Diego had to take a step back. Then he said, with a quiet and always somewhat enigmatic smile, "Los sueños son apenas fantasías, mi hermano. ¿Usted no ha aprendido eso todavía?". Translation: "Dreams are just fantasy, 'bro.' You haven't learned that yet?" Well, ripped and rugged Diego is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese, not Spanish - but he definitely got the message!

To call this face-off "highly anticipated" is a gem of nuanced understatement. Fans of both these smooth, spectacularly handsome Latin wrestlers have clamored for a showdown, and this is it. Cool yet smoldering, Rio seems preoccupied with admiring his award-winning physique in the mirror as Diego swaggers to the ring, but he's not too preoccupied to knock the upstart on his butt with hardly a break from his double-bicep pose.

But feisty Diego jumps right back up and returns the favor, following it with an elbow drop to the midsection of the acclaimed "Greek-by-way-of-Mexico god" of BG East wrestling. With a choke and hammerlock combination, Diego shoots for a quick first fall submission, but he, like many before him, underestimates Rio's resolve and toughness. Employing those phenomenally developed muscles, Rio powers out of the submission predicament. Still, Diego is relentless in his assault, slowly but surely chipping away at his opponent's icy reserve with every ounce of muscle in his own phenomenally developed body.

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Diego Diaz vs. Rio Garza
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Beautifully muscled bodies are on spectacular display as Rio writhes in agony in a painful knee lock

Rio in trouble squeezed between Diego's long, mighty thighs

Rio Garza - 6', 185 lbs

Diego's arched neck cranked in a full nelson, his body lifted off the mat by Rio's powerful arms

Rio gasps for air as Diego traps him in his brutal rack-like hangman hold

Rio goes for another ride, this time in Diego's back-breaking (and choking!) rack

More like a camel choke, how much more can that back take?

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