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  Brad Barnes vs. Lane Hartley

Brad Barnes - 5'8, 200 lbs

Lane clearly enjoys dominating, rearranging Brad's handsome face and painfully twisting his neck

OTK backbreaker: Beefy Brad lifted high and set up for a long fall right onto Lane's waiting knee

Mission accomplished: Brad screams as his spine gets bent further over Lane's thick thigh

200 lb squats! Lane is clearly loving hearing his opponent's screams in an agonizing torture rack

Pumped-Up Punishment: Bulbous Brad vs Luscious lane

Lane Hartley is a huge, incredibly handsome, spectacularly proportioned slab of manhood who walked into the BG East offices one bright day. He said he was here to "dismantle some wusses who don't have any business being in a wrestling ring." Now, it's not the first time we've heard this particular line or this full-of-bluster approach for entry into the ranks of BG East stardom. But seldom, if ever, has it been presented by someone with Lane's impressive wrestling credentials or by someone possessed of such an imposing physique and head-turning beauty. To say that we were intrigued is an understatement.

Lane proceeded to rattle off the names of some of the company's most popular stars of the past few years as examples of what he was talking about. These were men, he assured us in no uncertain terms, that he was easily capable of demolishing and dispatching for his and our fans pleasure. We told him that some of those named wrestlers were wiry and efficient fighting machines, respected and feared in the wrestling world. He looked us dead in the eyes, shrugged his hulking shoulders and said, without malice or irony, "Pipsqueaks." We explained that we would prefer to start him out against some of our less established wrestlers, possibly another newcomer like himself. "Whatever you want ," he told us, deadpan and matter-of-fact. "I'm here to win and clean house."

With two matches under his belt, Brad Barnes has already accrued a sizable and vocal fan base. Given his jarhead haircut, ruddy complexion, a compact and phenomenal physique comprised of thick, massive, rock-solid muscle, people are starting to compare young Brad to BG East legends like Joe Mazetti and Mike Columbo, sturdy men's men who commanded attention anytime they slipped into wrestling trunks and boots. We asked him how he'd feel about wrestling a new guy, somewhat heavier and taller than he, but still (or so we thought) a relative rookie like himself. Brad said, "Sure. I'm in."

He doesn't have an awful lot to say, that Brad, but he's pretty much game for anything - as previous opponents Chace LcChance (Pec Bash 2) and Tatum Riggs (Hunkbash 14) found out. Of course, that's a quality a lot of our fans like in a young wrestler: steady, tightlipped, professional, blunt as a sledgehammer, all about the wrestling with little time for frills and the showboating so popular among certain more demonstrative wrestlers... Brad lets his body do the talking. And with those massive pecs and glorious glutes leading fore and aft, Brad's entrance into the ring is breathtaking. When he catches sight of Lane, a good head and shoulders taller than Brad, he looks wary but undaunted, mentally sizing up the man's fight, wondering if it's as huge as the man himself.

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Brad Barnes vs. Lane Hartley
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Pure punishment! Lane drills an elbow into Brad's sternum!

Brad is dazed and confused as he's lifted, racked, and displayed by his opponent yet again

Lane Hartley - 6', 215 lbs

Brad trapped under his opponent's ample ass: Lane savagely twists his arm with a painful wrist lock

Lane's powerful arm drives deep into Brad's midsection, clawing Brad's formidable abdominal muscles

Battered Brad: Lifted, hanged, and choked, one muscle stud dominates as the other suffers

Unique abdominal stretch bow & arrow combo: Helpless Brad bent out of shape by Luscious Lane

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