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  Kid Karisma vs. Kip Sorell

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs

Slaming his knee into those amazing abs, Kid K gives Kip a show and a preview of the match to come

Totally dominant, arrogant Kid K takes time to flex as he crunches Kip's back trapped in the corner

Kip's back nearly bent in half as Karisma rides his ass in this vertebra crunching boston crab

Wrapped around the corner post, Kip's twisted by the vicious heel's back & neck breaking punishment

A Study in Contrasts: Shining White Satin Rookie vs Black Leather Heel

As soon as Kip Sorell slipped into his glistening silvery white trunks we collectively gasped. The young man is dazzlingly handsome, as fit a physical specimen of manhood as we've seen. With his matinee-idol looks and sinewy build, we wondered aloud at our good fortune for having him choose BG East as the repository - and beneficiary - of his wrestling dreams. And that he was among the dozen or so BG stars on hand for the advent of the new BG East Arena in South Florida made it a doubly notable debut!

And, as it undoubtedly will do here, his arrival on the BGE scene that day caused a minor sensation. Most of the other wrestlers were subtle, sotto voce, about their interest in Kip, making discreet eye contact with The Boss to note their interest, trying hard not to make their curiosity, desire and lust too obvious - that is, save one exuberant exception: Jumping up and down, raising his hand and waving it wildly, shouting, "OOOH! PLEASE! Me, Me!!! I'm first! ME! Pick ME! Pleeeease!!! I'll be good, I PROMISE!!!", Kid Karisma, never much of a wall-flower, made it clear he wanted at the sizzling hot newbie and post-haste! And frankly, we couldn't wait to throw Kip to a ravenously hungry man-eater like Kid Karisma.

Kid K is one of the company's most gifted heels. Moment by moment he amazes us with the stuff he comes up with in the course of punishing and humiliating an opponent. The man is an artist: every new hold and indignity he heaps on his adversary is a jaw-dropping revelation. He has a diamond-cutter's eye for highlighting the best qualities and uncovering previously hidden facets. The Boss said it best: "That Kid K? He's a natural". We knew that by the end of this match young Kip would shine like a star ... if he survived, that is.

Watching Kip warming up in the ring, expertly showing off for the camera, Kid K can't help but be impressed too, and in no time he's right there with him, competing for the fans' attention, push-up by push-up. When Kip ups the ante with a set of clap pushups, Kid responds, "You don't have to clap for me. I haven't even kicked your ass yet." He kicks the recruit's arm out from under him and plants a black boot on the newcomer's chest, and lays claim to the babyface as his personal property. Impetuously, the new guy fires back at him before Karisma even removes his leather biker vest. In return Karisma wraps the vest around the eager upstart's neck and drags him around the ring by it, preening himself in front of the mirror and camera as Kip gasps for air. And we're off!

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Kid Karisma vs. Kip Sorell
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Defenseless rookie laid out and exposed, unprepared for the veteran heel's flying full body splash

Kid Karisma in charge as he crushes poor Kip's head in his amazing thighs

Kip Sorell - 5'8, 165 lbs

Body scissored and tit-clamped, Kip suffers so sweetly in the expert heel's double pec claw grasp

Iconic agony: Kip Sorell suffering sweetly as he's lifted high in Kid Karisma's backbreaking bearhug

A creative leg split/headscissors combination grinds Kip's classically handsome face into the ropes

Happy heel humiliation: Kid K poses pretty, but helpless Kip doesn't seem to appreciate the view

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