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  Kid Karisma vs. Pete Sharp

Pete Sharp - 6'2, 172 He of the gorgeous body, beautiful face & eyes and the mind-boggling bulge

Battle of the perfectly proportioned physiques: Karisma shows off his impressive legs

The gorgeous hunk stretched completely out as thickly muscled thighs crush his skull

Clawhold! Karisma goes deep, presumably drilling for oil in Pete Sharp's inviting midsection

Karisma goes all Hulk mode as he cranks a tight sleeper, his bicep pulsing against Pete's neck

Pretty Strong, or Just Pretty?

When Pete Sharp first arrived at BG East, tongues wagged and crotches were adjusted en masse. The blond, bronzed, blue-eyed fitness model had our wrestlers lined up for a closer look at those sculpted muscles, handsome face and mammoth package. In his debut match, he demonstrated that all of that dazzling beauty and those bulging muscles aren't just for show. This hunk can wrestle! He leveraged all of that power into solidly dominating a BG East veteran and putting the rest of our wrestlers on notice: get distracted by those azure eyes, and that mountainous package, and Pete Sharp will make you hurt.

Pete is accustomed to that look of awe that washes across the faces of the lucky bastards that get a glimpse of his fabulous physique in the flesh. He knows the power that his beauty has over fans and opponents alike. But don't call Pete "pretty." This stud is cool as shaved ice, but there's one thing that will light his fuse in a flash, being called "pretty".

"So, are you pretty strong, or just pretty!?" Kid Karisma smirks as he steps into the gazebo and sees the dazzling rookie. The ginger hunk was chomping at the bit to be the next in line to take a ride on Pete Sharp's pumped pecs, and the perennially dangerous veteran has mastered an extensive arsenal of psychological warfare. He's also demonstrated against more than a dozen opponents that he's as wickedly dangerous as he is extremely self-confident. Pete's babyblue trunks are the precise shade of his piercing eyes. True, Kid K is giving up nearly a half a foot in height to the bronze statue of a wet dream. But there's just about nothing more satisfying to Kid Karisma than climbing under the skin of a hot, hard, young rookie with surgically precise trash talk, and then milking the very essence of agony out of him with hard hitting, lightning fast wrestling domination.

Side by side, the two ripped hunks compare their terrifically toned physiques. Despite the height difference, they are close to a perfect match when it comes to their massively peaked biceps. "Let me see a lat spread on you," Kid Karisma demands, admiring Pete's broad shoulders and wide upper back that tapers in a perfect V to his lean waist and big, powerful glutes. "Not bad," Karisma concedes, "now let's see those legs." Few physiques could seriously compare with Kid Karisma's incredibly built lower body, but he has to give the stunning golden rookie credit. "So you work out every so often. Fine. Not bad."

Kid K works out "every so often," too, and has a distinct advantage in experience. Instantly, he takes it to Pete with lightning quick offense. In a flash, the golden rookie finds himself flat on his back and schoolboy pinned beneath a smirking, freckled, redheaded powerhouse with a passionate delight for making pretty boys cry uncle.

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Kid Karisma vs. Pete Sharp
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Sharp in ship-shape: Squeezing a body scissors while his big tattooed bicep crushes Karisma's neck

Bubble-butted beauties on display as the Pretty One plants the Karismatic One facedown in the mat

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170

Checking out his own bicep, The Karismatic One rocks back, cranking Pete in a painful camel clutch

Time for show AND tell! Pete suffers a vicious headscissor as Karisma pours on the pressure

Turning the tables: the budding superstar suffers in the new stunner's toned, tanned thighs

Fireman's carry: Pete powerlifts Karisma, parading him around the gazebo on his broad shoulders

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