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  Kid Karisma vs. Dev Michaels

Kid Karisma - 5'8, 170 lbs - Has the kool konfident karismatic one finally met his match?

Hmm... What gives? Both studs clad in leopard print? Karisma suffers in Dev's deadly fullnelson

A test of strength with the titan forces the stud with the Best Butt 2012 to his knees

Once more, with feeling: a bare-assed Karisma cries out in the agonizing bearhug

Sweat-drenched and pecs pumped, Karisma uses his trunks as a bridle on his monster opponent

Mind Games Within Mind Games

Kid Karisma has been on a reign of terror lately. His ring resume, in particular, describes the trail of broken, battered, and crushed hunks he rode hard and put away very, very wet. With an ego that big, an award-winning ass and an insatiable hunger for dominating opponents, it's little wonder that Kid K has thrived under the tutelage and patronage of the original Kid himself, Leopard. With The Boss at his back (enjoying the view, you can be sure), Kid K has set his sights on bigger and bigger prizes. Happy to indulge his pet, The Boss handpicked Karisma's leopard print briefs and arranged for him to face another BGE juggernaut who has been on a terror tear: big (really, really big) Dev Michaels.

Kid K flexes indulgently, intently studying his stellar physique in the mirror. He's been packing on muscle mass like crazy. BGE fans have never seen him this massive. And that award-winning ass of his has simply never looked more luscious, suction packed into The Boss' handpicked leopard gear. He stretches and shadow boxes, but he's perpetually distracted by the precise placement of his hair and the particular stretch of his underwear across his glorious glutes. Has Kid Karisma ever looked this hot!? He thinks not.

When Dev arrives at ringside, Kid Karisma unleashes his patented ego-assault on the big, burly muscle hunk. "What the hell?" he asks incredulously, starting to play the mind games he's studied at the feet of the master, the Boss. "They're letting anyone in here now. Isn't there an age restriction?" Taking a shot at his opponent's more mature years seems to have no effect, so Kid Karisma moves on to plan B: physical intimidation. "You see that right there?" Karisma asks, flexing his magnificent muscles. "Just look at that!"

When big Dev climbs into the ring, Kid K suddenly grows silent. Not only is Dev unlikely to be physically intimidated by anyone, but he's also sporting a pair of leopard-print trunks! What just happened here? Is Dev thumbing his nose at The Boss, or is Kid Leopard, the true master of mind games, playing both of these favored hunks against one another?!

"Not bad, not bad," Dev acknowledges Kid Karisma's impressive display of muscle. "But look at that!" the big man demands, flexing his biceps in Karisma's face. "Oh my God," the Dev mutters, transparently awed at his own magnificence. They compare quads, and these are honestly two of the most massively built monster quads we've seen in the ring at the same time. Kid Karisma offers faint praise. "Let's see them," he challenges Dev, stepping in front of the muscleman, "but yeah, you can't, because mine are just too big!"

The redheaded heel just crossed a line that earns him a bearhug from behind and a toss across the ring. Without a moment's hesitation, Kid K returns the favor, bearhugging the behemoth off his feet and then flinging Dev into a corner. "How do you like that, tough guy!?" Kid smirks, pumped, primed, and crouching, ready for action. Nobody, but nobody, has so effortlessly manhandled massive Dev Michaels like that before!

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Kid Karisma vs. Dev Michaels
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KK adds insult to injury by rubbing his sweaty trunks in Dev's face while working a head scissors

The big man screams as the Kid rains sledgehammer blows down into his abs

Dev Michaels - 5'10, 200 lbs - Cool, calm, collected Dev wants Karisma kasserole for lunch

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With Dev on his knees, his head trapped between thick quads, Kid peels down his leopard trunks

Sweat-soaked Karisma screams as Dev's vicegrip crushes him in a vicious reverse bearhug

With a roar, Dev lifts a knee into Karisma's abs, alternately lifting the musclepunk off the mat

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