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  Morgan Cruise vs. Tim Messina

Messina DDT's The Mastodon!

Tim Messina gets cracked in half!

Tim goes limp in Morgan's arms

Nasty rope-bound full nelson

With Tim Messina pinned under his boot, Morgan Cruise shows off his impressive, powerful muscle

It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight...

The match has barely begun and Tim's back is already taking a beating. Cruise lifts him high in a crushing bearhug while parading his victim around the ring, never failing to appreciate the sight of his own muscles at work. Shooting Tim into the ropes for another impressive display, Cruise catches Messina and raises him high off the mat, only for the smaller wrestler to send the big man's head slamming down with a DDT! In an amazing turnaround, Tim Messina covers morgan Cruise for a three count and claims the first fall in this match! Maybe we weren't the only ones to underestimate the little guy.

Unhappy, though not deterred by this turn of events, Cruise cuts off Messina's celebration in short order. More slams followed by a spine-bending boston crab quickly have Tim screaming and slapping the mat for mercy. Cruise pauses for just a minute to admire his handiwork as Messina crawls on the mat before lifting, then dropping the lighter pro into a brutal over-the-knee backbreaker, not once, but three times! Tim hangs helplessly, rocked over Cruise's leg for what must feel to him like an eternity before he's finally released, though only so Cruise can have another session with his own reflection.

The very self-assured and ever self-admiring Mastodon has to learn not to take this pro lightly, though, because when they connect, Tim Messina's flying feet are lethal weapons! This kid is fast and he can fly. Messina manages to pull off a flying headscissors before pulling Cruise into a submission hold of his own. Suddenly it's the big bully who's doing the moaning and groaning. But can the high-flying lean lightweight capitalize of his advantage to even the playing field with the tough guy? Despite his strength, The Mastodon has difficulty breaking free, but this match is only just getting started.

Messina fights hard to bring down the powerhouse, while Cruise tries to keep the leaner, lighter wrestler under his heel. If back breakers are your thing, this match is a veritable feast of one spine-bender and back cruncher after another Mind-boggling torture racks, brutal bostons, spine crunching camels, incredibly sexy and oft-repeated, back-breaking bearhugs join a buffet of inventive and punishing locks and painful submissions holds applied on and by both men. As the submissions mount, Tim refuses to call it quits, but he may be fighting a losing battle against an unstoppable force. Can the scrappy Messina overcome Cruise in a stunning upset? Or is it just a matter of time before The Mastodon breaks him down and puts him away for good? In the end, one final submission hold marks a decisive victory in this very creative and extraordinarily brutal battle.

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Morgan Cruise vs. Tim Messina
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Tim's back is on fire and with burning pain as Morgan taunts the game lightweight

Cruise uses his bulge to increase the pressure on his neck crank

Headscissors makes Morgan moan

Cruise crushes the lightweight

Morgan mouths off to Messina

Camel clutch: Cruise toys w/ Tim

Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise sets up young Tim Messina for a gorilla press and slam!

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