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  Z-Man vs. Lane Hartley  

Z-Man - 5'10, 175

Z tries to score w/ a quick choke

Lane shows how a choke is done

Rearranging that pretty face

A towering Lane Hartley works a mean double trap claw on the cowering Z-Man

Perfection Meets Performance

Needless to say, BG East has seen many impressive physiques over the years, but few come as chiseled to perfection as the ever gorgeous, magazine and physique model Z-Man. A contender for Best Body of 2012, he always seems to be in top form for every match. While he may not have a spotless win/loss record, he's more than held his own against some of BG East's best and brightest stars. He's proven those muscles aren't just for show, taking on the best and worst that talents like Jonny Firestorm, Austin Cooper, and even the indomitable heel Dick Rick have thrown at him. I mean, how many BG East wrestlers can claim to have taken a superplex from the top turnbuckle? Impressive, for sure. But even the intrepid Z-Man may be in over his head in this match-up.

This may only be strikingly handsome hunk Lane Hartley's second appearance in the BG East ring, but his first match speaks volumes. The newbie, supposed rookie Lane left beefy bodybuilder Brad Barnes a quivering mass of muscle in the middle of the ring, unable to offer any resistance for virtually the entire match. It was a stunning debut. This clearly experienced wrestling powerhouse with a spectacular physique showed not only strength and skill, but a sadistic streak both shocking, and much admired by many of our fans. In his debut match alone Lane may have dished out more punishment than Z-Man has in his entire tenure here at BG East, and this time the towering, muscled stud Lane has an even greater size advantage over his pretty boy opponent.

As the two incredibly impressive specimens meet in the ring, Lane shows a more sporting side, offering his hand to Z-Man to mark the start of their friendly match, but more experienced viewers will know what's coming next. Z-Man takes his opponent's hand without a second thought, and gets a hard boot to his gut for his naiveté. Lane quickly shows us he's not pulling his punches any more than last time, with stiff forearms leaving Z-Man reeling before sending the cover model to the mat. Lane knows that cementing his rep and establishing his claim to top-dog status at BG East requires an equally impressive follow-up to his debut stunner. And what better opponent on whom to press his point and secure his place in the BG East pantheon than that redoubtable battler Z-Man!

Z-man tries to mount an offensive, making it back to his feet and even forcing Lane back to the ropes and into the corner, but what little momentum he gains is quickly cut off by more powerful blows from the big man. The match has barely begun and Lane's already looking at a downed opponent, eager to find the best way to punish the sculpted body before him. As Lane closes in, a long list of tortuous holds in mind, how long can Z-Man last against this heel out to make a name for himself at his opponent's expense?

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Z-Man vs. Lane Hartley
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