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  Jake Jenkins vs. Kip Sorell

Kip Sorell - 5'8, 165 lbs

Jake in agony as those tanned and toned thighs threaten to tear his head off

Kip's too busy suffering to admire Jake's impressive display

Jake in total control as he takes Kip for a spin on the mats

Kip fading fast in Jake's figure four head scissors! Can he fight free?

"You Call Yourself a Wrestler?"

When we assemble a collection of ambitious, eager, and hard-bodied hunks for a weekend of wrestling, we can never predict what friendships may be sparked. Or what rivalries may be born. Jake Jenkins and Kip Sorell first met each other while sunbathing side by side on our lakeside dock at the BG East compound. The two young studs seemed to instantly bond around their shared enthusiasm for muscle cars. They gave each other appreciative compliments for their obvious physical conditioning, sharing training tips. It seemed like another budding bromance until bronzed beauty Kip jokingly commented, "But dude, have you been living under a rock? You're so freaking pale!"

"After the ass-whooping you took from Kid Karisma, I'm surprised you aren't living under a rock," Jake chuckled right back, not about to let a prettyboy rookie like Kip get the last laugh. Good-natured needling and playful trash talk escalated, until Jake insisted that Kip prove that he's more than just a pretty face on the mat. Right then and there, the two young bucks left the docks and headed to our backyard wrestling mat to see where this bromantic rivalry would take them. And they look pretty ideally matched.

"You look pretty big there," Jake concedes as they reach the mat. "I have to admit, I'm a little scared to wrestle you." The beautifully built rookie grins back, not sure if he should buy the playful compliment. Jake's reputation precedes him, especially among the new recruits at BG East. Although Jake was voted BG East's Top Babyface of 2012, anyone who knows anything about his work knows full well that the handsome, ripped hunk is deadly dangerous, particularly on the mat. Jake is a former high school wrestling champ and perennial fan favorite, making most rookies give him a wide berth until they've sorted out their place in the pecking order. Kip, on the other hand, appears to have decided that the best way to erase the humiliation he suffered in his BG East debut would be to earn some respect from a highly respected competitor like Jake.

"You are looking a little pale, though," Kip playfully needles his sparring partner once more, drawing attention to his own baby smooth, bronzed body before adding a smirk, just to lay down the gauntlet. Never one to let a gauntlet lie long, Jake shakes the rookie's hand and half a second later slams Kip's pretty face into the mat effortlessly.

"You were a little slow there," Jake smirks. "I expected you to be a little faster than that." As smooth as butter, Jake mounts Kip's back and locks his thighs around the insanely narrow waist of the radiant rookie. "So tell me how this feels." Rolling to his back, Jake laces his legs between Kip's and spreads the rookie's silky smooth legs wide, putting Kip's bronzed body on gorgeous display. Kip wails in agony, his ample pouch and taut hamstrings quivering. His dark veins pulse just beneath the surface of his cocoa butter skin. It's about 15 seconds into the match and the rookie is 100% dominated and completely at Jake's mercy. "And you call yourself a wrestler!" Jake spits furiously, no longer sounding playful in the least. Things are starting to get serious...

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Jake shows off his skill as he stretches his helpless opponent in three directions at once

Jake loving the feel of Kip struggling in vain between his crushing, muscular thighs

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Kip's turn to taste a torturously tight headscissors from Jake

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