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  Reese Wells vs. Mitch Colby

Mitch Colby - 6'2, 206 lbs

Mitch giving young Reese a good, strong stretch to remind him of his place on the mat

Muscled arms wrap around Reese in a brutal bearhug as Mitch shows off his power

Little Reese's back bends dangerously far under the pressure of this heavyweight camel clutch

Mitch lifts the young wrestler for a ride, leaving Reese suspended by his pecs, dangling helplessly

Dreaming Big and Digging Deep

Reese Wells is one of the most earnest-as-hell young wrestlers you'll ever meet. The ripped babyface is on a mission to earn legitimate wrestling cred and be a major player on the underground wrestling scene. He has conditioned his remarkable body with nothing short of obsession. Pound for pound, he's possesses one of the most ripped, lean, yet powerfully muscled physiques we've ever seen. Reese eats, drinks and dreams wrestling non-stop, feeding his naked ambition to dominate opponents with a steady diet of practice and study. Yet somehow, despite the irrefutable fact that he works twice as hard as pretty much anyone else, Reese's dreams of wrestling glory have been repeatedly squashed, typically underneath the crushing bodies and withering taunts of his opponents. Big opponents, small opponents, twinks, rookies, masked heels and muscle boys have nearly all, sooner or later, broken this babyface jobber to pieces and left him clinging to the tattered remains of his larger-than-life dreams.

If there's one BGE wrestler who embodies the wrestling career that Reese once imagined for himself, it's Mitch. The handsome, ripped, dominating heavyweight never fails to earn respect from his opponents, win, lose or draw. Wrestlers always take Mitch seriously, and fans are, well, fanatical in their loyalty to the hardworking, hard-bodied hunk. While it's true that a certain notorious BG East heel has frequently called out Mitch in online forums for too often beating up opponents half his size, what is a 6'2" 206 pound fitness competitor to do? There are just a few wrestlers who can match Mitch's size and strength, and young, overzealous, undersized studs like Reese keep calling him out, determined to start their ascendancy by climbing on the back of one of BG East's brightest stars.

When Mitch arrives matside, he finds Reese stretching out in baggy maroon shorts and psyching himself up. The heavyweight hunk snaps his towel at the kid playfully, but Reese is stone cold serious. Putting on his most intimidating game face, the 5'8", 152 pound wrestler attempts a pec-to-pec chest-butt (on his tip-toes), but when the towering hunk shoves him in the chest, Reese is flung across the mat like a swatted gnat.

Reese's persistent, clenched-teeth earnestness makes Mitch chuckle. When he locks the lightweight up tight tasty bodyscissors, Reese flops and flounders like a fish out of water. Calmly, in total control, Mitch takes the opportunity to do stomach crunches, because keeping the lightweight punk all tied up leaves him plenty of energy for multitasking.

But like we said, Reese's conditioning and match preparation are second to none. The ambitious young hunk knows that the most reliable path to knocking a much bigger opponent down to size is to take him out at the knees. He attacks Mitch's legs like a terrier, holding on fiercely and working the joints with total focus. The big man goes down to his back, and Reese swiftly rips the baggie shorts off of him, instantly choking the handsome heavyweight with his own pants! Abruptly, Mitch struggles to keep from being hobbled and helpless against a vicious lightweight determined that it's time to make some dreams come true, even if that means ending Mitch Colby's career!

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Reese Wells vs. Mitch Colby
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Reese wrenched: Big Mitch pours on the pressure with both feet in a deadly bow and arrow

Choking Reese with his shorts, Mitch is done playing nice

Reese takes the big man down fast and goes for the legs, the little guy may know what he's doing

A devastating over-the-knee backbreaker from the big man and Reese is in serious trouble

Reese hangs in a torture rack high off the mat at the mercy of his opponent

Reese is lifted clear off the mat as Mitch makes controlling him in this full nelson look easy

A reverse bearhug has Reese in agony as Mitch just smiles at the sight of the little man's suffering

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