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  Damien Rush vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe*

Damien Rush - 5'11, 180 lbs

Big and buff Damien takes Jake down hard and shows him who has the power in this fight

Jake can't escape this spine-bending Boston crab as Damien sinks lower for more suffering

Jake may not be all that unhappy about the figure four he finds himself in

Greased up muscle rub down: Damien puts on a show for Jake as he's oiled up for round 2

Unfulfilled Cravings

Damien Rush is a young man accustomed to getting what he wants. Daddy's little rich boy knows full well that there's little that he can't have one way or another - and Daddy's boy Damien always gets what he wants. He's got the looks, the strength, and the inexhaustible bank account to bend the world to his whims. At BG East, he's been on a tear lately, putting all the hard work of his personal trainers and private wrestling coaches to good use, slapping down opponents and feeding his swelling ego and burgeoning bulge. Damien's developed a sophisticated taste for wrestling domination, but there's something that's been missing. His glory on the mats has certainly been satisfying, but there's just something else he's craving, and Damien Rush is not accustomed to unfulfilled cravings.

One warm, sunny afternoon, after a refreshing dip in the lake behind our BG East compound, Damien towels off and admires his beautifully muscled body. He puts his designer sunglasses on and gives his bulging muscles a sexy pump and an admiring once-over. Suddenly, Lorenzo "Jake" Lowe turns the hose on him playfully, dowsing the blueblood beefcake and, much worse to Damien, showing the aristocrat disrespect.

Damien towers over Jake, nearly half a foot taller and 40 pounds of solid muscle heavier than the lean luscious lightweight. Like a playground bully, he stares the smaller man down, nose to nose and pec to pec. Jake may be compact, but he's fearless, and he doesn't like a pretty boy - or anyone else - getting up in his face. "I'm going to take you down," he promises, leaving Damien completely incredulous, intrigued and titillated.

The perfectly coiffed hunk flexes his hot muscles in Jake's face. "Look how big these fucking muscles are!" he commands. "When I beat you down, I'm going to force you to worship these big fucking muscles!" Proving his point, Damien quickly wraps his bulging biceps around Jake's narrow waist and hoists the lightweight hunk into the air in a breath-stealing bearhug. "That's right, how do you like all that power!?"

How much Jake likes it is a matter left up for debate. The scrappy, highly accomplished (and highly horny) mat wrestler seems far from ready to lay down and let big Damien roll right over him. They scramble across the lawn, vying for advantage and testing skill and strength. Jake makes fun of Damien's pink swim trunks, rolling the stud up into a small package and slapping that hot, aristocratic ass with abandon and zeal. But powerful Damien outmuscles his lightweight opponent repeatedly, busting out of holds and turning the tables on cute Jake. Over and over, Damien promises that there's one and only one way that this is going to sort itself out, and that's with a subservient, humiliated and awestruck Jake obediently worshiping the blueblood's buff bod. The heat is on!

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Damien Rush vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe*
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Damien now in the buff and Jake in control as he takes the bigger man across his knee

Damien just can't resist aiming right for the most tempting target Jake's body has to offer

Jake Lowe - 5'5, 135 lbs

Jake beats power with skill as he splits Damien's powerful legs wide open

Jake lifted right of his feet in a brutal back-breaking bearhug from the built Damien

Damien crawls on top of helpless Jake and orders him to kiss that bicep

How much more punishment can even limber Jake's back endure?

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