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  Mike Pitt vs. Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm

Pitt's pecs stretched out as Jonny cranks the mouthy rookie in a torturous Camel Clutch

Jonny's royal purple trunks wedged humiliatingly up his crack as Cam contemplates his payback

The Passion of the Jonny: Cam crucifies the heel on the ropes while Mike works the Boston Crab

Jonny's wedgies the tortured prettyboy off the mat by his hair and trunks for more fun and abuse

Trampled, tortured toyboys suffer under the choking boots of BG's resident bully

Tag Team Two-On-One Terror: "This Is MY Fuckin' Ring!"

From his perch at ringside, Jonny critiques what he deems as Mike's amateurish technique and feigns shock and dismay at Cameron's failure to make a good showing for himself against a mere "rookie." Enraged by an embarrassing defeat right in front of a comparably experienced colleague, not to mention the righthand man to The Boss, Cameron makes attempt after attempt to choke Mike out for a dramatically decisive win. He not only fails to vanquish the resilient and very sturdily built young wrestler but also humiliates himself, tapping out twice within a couple of minutes to his more determined opponent.

All this is more than Jonny can stomach, and he immediately thrusts himself into the action. Supposedly for Mike's benefit, and to Cameron's considerable dismay, he demonstrates the "proper way" to beat a jobber to a pulp. He downplays Pitt's victory, saying, "Everybody can beat up Cameron Matthews." Mike objects to the interference: "This was MY fuckin' match!" "Yeah?" Jonny fires back, "Well, this is MY fuckin' ring!"

Mike gets a quick and hard lesson in how Jonny earned the name "Firestorm." No ref, no rules, no DQs ... this is exactly Jonny's kind of game! Eventually, to repay Jonny for his presumption and insults and check his out-of-control ego, Mike and Cameron join forces as a formidable ass-whipping, thigh-splitting, and dick-chopping team. Together, they bring Jonny down to the mat and against the ropes for some serious payback.

But, folks, if you think this is the end of Jonny, after close to a decade kicking varied and assorted butts at BG East and ending more than one career in the process, then you must have slept through the last eight years! The last half of this Leopard's Lair is destined to go down in history as a defining heel performance for the new, muscularly enhanced Jonny Firestorm. Whether Cameron or Mike will ever darken the BGE doorway again is anybody's guess. The payback Jonny exacts on them for their double teaming and mind and load blowing atomic wedgie will long linger in their minds - and yours!

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Team Torture 17


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Mike Pitt vs. Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm
59 minutes

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Arms spread wide, the Firestorm rages, tearing through both studs with a double clothesline

Sexy, sweaty, sixty-nine: Cameron and Mike stacked atop one another, a fine and fitting finale

Can't let the jobbers get jealous! A sneering Jonny works Mike in a Boston to match Cameron's

Cameron arching back painfully, gravity working against him as mean boots surf his spinal column

Pitt's pleasure, paying Cameron back in spades, drawing and quartering him in a hangman variation

Kneeling over a suffering, pained Mike Pitt, Jonny takes a moment to flex for everyone's admiration

Eyes rolling back in his head, a slack-jawed Mike feels the effects of Cameron's tight sleeper

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