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  Mike Pitt vs. Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm

Cameron Matthews 5'11, 170

Mike shows Jonny what he's made of as he bends Cameron in an over-the-ropes suspended headscissor

Jonny reveling in his mastery, forcing the two into a leglock on each other while trampling both

"Gotta catch 'em all," Jonny turnbuckle racks Mike, simultaneously figure-four sleepering Cameron

Mike waiting in the wings as Jonny works a submission from Cameron in a nasty, legs-bent, fullnelson

Rookie versus Jobber versus...

After it was over, Cameron, Mike, and Jonny each told three different stories about what went down that memorable day. Each story made the teller the pre-eminent star and the shining hero of the tale. Cameron Matthews boasted of putting a too-big-for-his-britches rookie in his place. Mike Pitt bragged that he had "broken through," at last proving to The Boss and the fans that he has what it takes to be a bonafide BG East star. And Jonny Firestorm claimed he had unknowingly walked in on a match that was going nowhere and, by virtue of his unquestionable talent, experience, and knowhow, transformed it into a classic for the ages. Our hunch was that each version of the story held a grain of truth, so for days we regarded the participants' self-contradictory accounts as evidence of the "Rashomon effect," memory being only one-third actual recall and two-thirds self-serving imagination. Now, of course, the video evidence is in, available for all to see.

FACT: Perennial fan favorite Cameron discovers muscular Mike Pitt is more of a dynamo than he anticipated. Early on, as Mike lands one punishment after another upon the self-proclaimed "Champ," Cameron yelps, "I thought wrestling was fake!" The beating Mike lays on cocky Cameron is no joke! FACT: Mike shines in his singles contest against Cameron. He scoffs at the more experienced wrestler's so-called submission holds. Then, when the upper hand is his, Mike holds nothing back. At one point Cameron voices the well-worn cliché "Is that all you got?" Quick to respond, Mike ups the heat under a big pot of whoop-ass and then turns his victim towards the mirror so he can see for himself his grotesquely contorted face. Clearly, this rookie's got a helluva lot more fire!

FACT: When Jonny walks in towards the end of the second fall, Mike is hanging upside down over the top rope, his strong torso stretched taut, as his legs grip Cameron in a suspended head-scissors, the top rope cutting into Cameron's throat. Jonny takes a seat to watch the action, characterizing it, dismissively, as a "rookie versus jobber" scuffle. For Jonny, used to twisting his opponents into balloon animals and then inventively humiliating them at their most helpless, this battle looks like fairly light fare ... PG-13 compared to his typically R-rated havoc and destruction. At best, the action merely whets Jonny's appetite, so that at the round's end, he can't resist poking his nose into the fight. What's very lucky for us does not necessarily bode so well for cocky Cameron and muscly Mike!!

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Team Torture 17


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Mike Pitt vs. Cameron Matthews vs. Jonny Firestorm
59 minutes

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Cameron shining against Pitt as he draws and quarters him in tight variation of a Hangman

Mike Pitt 5'8, 175 lbs

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Jonny wedges the trunks up the crack of the downed, exposing that award-nominated butt

Locked up tight, Firestorm unleashing, well, a firestorm on Cameron's back in a vicious full boston

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