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  Lon Dumont & Brute Baynard vs. Zach Reno & Nate Walsh

Zach Reno & Nate Walsh, combined 330 lbs

Shaggy-haired, sunny-geared Zach hoisted high across big, bad, Brute Baynard's broad shoulders

A laughing Brute hurls encouragement and scorn from the corner as his partner cranks a Boston Crab

Pure agony and pure desperation: a rope-choked Zach gouges at Brute's skull to effect an escape

From the front to back, it's a Two-for-One sexy Sleeper sale as the babyfaces fall in bright gear

"You Should See This Guy!"

This match sees the BG East debuts of three extraordinary new talents and the return of Lon Dumont, the diminutive heel who has surprised everybody by creating a rapidly growing cult following. We find Zach alone in the ring, stretching his buff torso, under the impression that The Boss has booked him for a singles match against Lon. When Lon arrives, the reserved and modest recruit looks put off by the guy, in particular Lon's hyperbolic game-show-host banter. Lon explains that he has just spoken with The Boss, a "personal" friend with whom (he insinuates) he has a great deal of influence, and there's bad news and there's (with a breathless gasp) "spectacular" news.

The bad news is that Zach's anticipated one-on-one debut contest is off. The spectacular news is that he and Zach will still be squaring off, but with tag team partners at their sides. Now, Lon has long griped that BGE saddles him with subpar partners. Heaping nothing but scorn upon his previous cohorts, Nicholas Rush and Chace LaChance, Lon blames them for putting him on "the bad end" of his first two tag matches at BGE. They, and they alone, are the reasons his otherwise impressive win-loss record at BG East has been besmirched with a couple of sullying checks in the loss column.

However! Lon is positively ecstatic over the wrestler The Boss has paired him with this time: "Oh my god ... you wanna talk about perfection? You think I've got muscle? You should see this guy. You think you've got a big chest? You should see this guy." Fully expecting the taciturn and now somewhat nonplussed Zach to share his giddy excitement, Lon gushes with a melodramatic flourish, "He should be here ANY minute now!"

And as if on cue, in walks Nate. Thinking that Nate is partnering with Lon, Zach dismisses the guy out of hand: "That's your guy that you just hyped up, with the largest arms in the world"? In truth, Nate is not much bigger than Reno. Then Lon points out an obvious detail: Nate's trunks are yellow, like Zach's, with the word "Wham!" stenciled across the butt, again a match for Zach's gear, so Nate is Zach's partner. (And where, pray tell, have we seen these particular trunks before? Answer: Nick Rush should check his gear bag...)

Then Lon summons his own tag partner to the ring. It's Big Brute Baynard. Get a load of this guy! He's a steel-treaded muscle beast on the order of a Dev Michaels or a Joe Robbins. Any hope of a size advantage that Nate and Zach might have entertained vanishes into thin air. But if either of them is daunted by Brute's size and muscle, you can't tell it from their faces. They're pumped, game and ready to rumble.

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Lon Dumont & Brute Baynard vs. Zach Reno & Nate Walsh
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Reno's beautiful chest stretched and exposed as Lon cuts him down to size in a nelson scissor combo

Lon Dumont & Brute Baynard, combined 365 lbs

"You think I've got muscle? You should see this guy!" Lon briefs Zach on his tag team partner

Lon waits in the wings as Brute works a nasty neckcrank while riding Zach's gut on his weighted knee

Brute racks Nate across his shoulders, dragging him unwillingly into the frey

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