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  Lauden Sevior vs. Ethan Axel Andrews

Lauden Sevior - 5'8, 125

Axel drags the lean, lamenting, latino dancer up by a sack claw on his bulging package

Pinned in a small package, Lauden turns lemons into lemonade by peeling Ethan's trunks

Lauden's pretty face screwed up in exquisite, white hot pain as a result of Axel's down-low assault

Lauden trapped in Ethan's arms: Nothing quite so exquisitely sexy as a sweaty bear hug

"How do you like me now?!"

Honestly, we were a little surprised when Lauden Sevior called to ask for another match. The brutal beating and erotic domination he suffered at the hands of Gold Shaft in Sunshine Shooters 6 left lovely, lithe Lauden completely crushed and humiliated. The masked heel took the long-haired rookie to depths of terror and exquisite agony that the hot young Latino had never even imagined before. And that was well before Gold Shaft dragged the pretty Puerto Rican dancer away to continue his handiwork in private. So when Lauden came back for more, we were surprised but even more intrigued.

Perhaps it would have been more generous of us to line up an opponent for Lauden a little closer to his size and experience. But what fun would that be? No, we went with an ambitious young heel by the name of Ethan Axel Andrews, a full 4 inches taller and 30 pounds of highly conditioned muscle mass heavier, not to mention a wrestling resume miles deep. Unlike relatively unknown Lauden, Ethan is one of the most hated or loved wrestlers in the business, depending on whom you talk to. A master of the psychological take down, Ethan's trash talking is as notorious (and nearly as devastating) as his extremely extensive wrestling arsenal. To make him even more dangerous, he has been packing steel cabled muscle mass onto his highly conditioned physique lately, turning him into a triple threat against even the most accomplished of mat wrestlers.

Lauden Sevior, of course, is far from an accomplished mat wrestler. His passion for wrestling is obvious and he would not be a jobber by choice. His toned but very lean body puts him at an immediate disadvantage opposing the more muscular lads who populate the BG ranks. But there is no doubt that he is, however, stunningly beautiful. His dance-toned ass is gorgeous, squeezed so tightly inside breathtakingly tight blood red trunks as he stretches before the match. "Seriously, what's up with your hair?" Ethan demands as he stares across the mat at the flowing locks of the Latino beauty. "It gives me style," the soft-spoken Lauden smirks. "In the wrestling situation, long hair isn't going to work out so stylish for you," Ethan calmly explains, "as I'm going to proceed to show you."

As Ethan predicted, he readily has his way with the long-haired hottie in the early going. With ease, he lifts him off his feet in a breath-stealing bearhug. It's a stunning application by the bigger, stronger lad on the lighter, weaker one. It's visceral and arousing as hell. Tossing Lauden to the mat, an instant later Ethan locks on a crushing figure-4 headscissors that quickly turns Lauden's pretty face beet red. Ethan taunts as he torments, calling the rookie hopelessly weak as he outmuscles Lauden time and time again. But despite Ethan's cocky bluster, he quickly discovers that he has his hands full as the beautiful dancer demonstrates silky smooth grace and stunning speed, countering, escaping, and suddenly locking on a rear choke that momentarily puts a stop to Ethan's incessant trash talk. "How do you like me now!?" the lovely Lauden crows.

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Lauden Sevior vs. Ethan Axel Andrews
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Contrast & Conquest: Both devastatingly sexy mat wrestlers stripped down to a jock and thong

The latino dancer stretched out with nowhere to go, Axel's ass planted squarely on his pretty face

Ethan Axel Andrews - 6'0, 155

Long-haired Lauden has snakeskin-clad Axel in a tight full nelson, forcing his chin into his chest

Axel's tempting serpent slithers against Lauden's lips as he dominates the long-haired lovely

Ethan locks one powerful arm around Sevior's neck and forces him to gaze upon his bulked-up arm

Ethan goes headhunting, clutching his opponent's long locks as he wrecks his shoulders in a camel

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