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  Skrapper vs. Trey Dixon*  

Trey Dixon - 5'10, 155

Skrapper's supple body in trouble, neck-cranked in Trey's crushing quads and abs-jabbing knuckles

Trey displaying dominant muscle as he schoolboy smothers Skrapper beneath him

Trey's vascular arm secured snugly around Skrapper's throat as he nibbles on the tough guy's ear

Passion is on par with punishment as both bruised and battered battlers lock lips and grind groins

Passion & Punishment Main Event: Instant Heat

From before the cameras can start rolling, Skrapper and Trey Dixon are circling one another like caged animals on the edge of starvation. Almost perfectly matched in size and strength, these two incredibly conditioned young hunks are generating sparks well before they even touch. And talk about touch! Before a single hold is applied, they're passionately kissing, rubbing and stroking each other's hot bodies hungrily. It's unclear for just a moment if they're going to actually wrestle or just start fucking. Then Skrapper's passionate embrace morphs into a rib crushing bearhug. The match is on!

Trey Dixon has come out of nowhere to become one of the hottest erotic wrestlers currently competing. With just one BG East match under his belt, he has quickly emerged as one of our top X-Fighters. The West Coast wonder with a phenomenal physique is a bundle of paradoxes. Off the mats he's downright demure, soft-spoken, polite even. But when he puts one foot on the mat, the incredibly hot muscled hunk is transformed into a full-contact sex wrestler stoked hotter and harder the more he's pushed.

Skrapper is a veteran of nine BG East matches, each one more brutal than the last. We typically only book much bigger opponents for Skrapper because, quite frankly, smaller opponents just can't handle him. His intensity is legendary, and his passion for pushing limits, both his own and his opponents', has caused more than one prospective wrestler to decline the invitation to meet him on the mats. To make matters worse, Skrapper has been sculpting his long, lean body with that same intensity, and we've never seen him as powerfully muscled and finely conditioned as he is today.

The initial scramble across the mats makes it difficult to distinguish who has whom, or even which limbs belong to which wrestler! Trey locks on a headlock, but Skrapper winds his long legs around the rookie's midsection and squeezes the air out of his lungs. Trey punches Skrapper's newly minted six-pack abs, which only inspires the veteran to flex his hot biceps and dare his opponent to just try to penetrate his muscled defenses. Sweat-soaked bodies slip and slide as they vie for position. Skrapper locks his knees around the rookie's skull even as his own head is trapped between Trey's powerfully sculpted thighs. An intimate 69 simultaneous headscissors battle is the perfect metaphor for the exquisite marriage of sexual tension and intense wrestling between these two fired-up studs.

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Skrapper vs. Trey Dixon*
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One exhausted hammerlocked wrestler tries to hold out against an erotic, ear munching assault

Trey controlling his foe from top to bottom as he works the headscissor and squeezes Skrapper scraps

Skrapper - 5'10, 160

Skrapper is bound and determined to see what Trey's hiding as he squeezes a tight head/neck scissors

Skrapper leverages control as he rolls Trey up in a reverse folding press and peels his gear loose

Skrapper molds his opponent like clay as he snares his nude opponent in a face-smothering dragon

The intensity is clearly evident on both faces as Skrapper goes for the kill with a rear-naked choke

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