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  Alexi Adamov vs. Scott Starr

Scott Starr - 5'10, 195 lbs.

Example of "a rock and a hard place": Alexi works a pumped bicep into Scott's skull in a headlock

The experienced vet engages the prettyboy in a game of torture, cranking a vicious chinlock

Alexi blinks sweat from his eyes, and sinks into the boston crab, immune to Scott's cries for mercy

Scott's ribs are significantly weakened as he falters, held up by Alexi's reverse bearhug

Age and Treachery versus Youth and Skill

Sporting blue trunks and his severest haircut to date, Alexi Adamov is a knockout. The man is not only one of the hottest wrestlers on the BG East roster but one of the strongest as well. Over the years he has moved from gym-bunny recruit - dismissed by fellow wrestlers as a "doormat" - to rugged warrior intimidated by nobody. Now he's on every ambitious wrestler's wish list for future matches. Alexi doesn't have to bark a lot to garner attention. His physique commands the wrestling ring with quiet confidence.

Warming up before the match, Alexi looks like everybody's fantasy of a babyface hero, exquisitely well-muscled and boyishly handsome. Beefy pro boy Scott Starr tries to intimidate Alexi with big talk and he-man swagger, trying hard (perhaps too hard) to dismiss the challenge Alexi's well-hewn muscle represents. Alexi, though, looks more than ready for the challenge in this youth-versus-experience match between the eternally dreamy Adamov and the considerably more ring savvy and slightly older opponent, Scott Starr. The crisis of the match is whether Scott can overcome Alexi's massive muscle and whether Alexi can do what has to be done to take down an opportunistic sadist and well hung ring veteran like Starr. Both prove to be more than capable antagonists, but the question remains: who can vanquish (and, as it turns out, nearly demolish) the other?

"Been doing this for a while, kid," Scott boasts, after breaking a test of strength with a knee to Alexi's midsection. Barely fazed by the blow, Alexi mentions that he noticed a few gray hairs on Scott's head while the two of them were chest to chest, hands clenched over their shoulders. Lest Alexi underestimate what kind of heel he's up against, Scott follows one cheap shot with another, raking his fingernails across his opponent's eyes. Alexi staggers backwards and falls to the mat, temporarily blinded.

These guys have not met before this moment in the ring. Any respect they get from the other will be earned by brute force. Alexi raises his hands, inviting Scott in for another test of strength. As Scott draws near, Alexi rams him in the midsection with his shoulder, driving him backwards to the ropes. Then he pulls the "fucking scumbag" in for a side headlock and drags him down to the mat, Alexi's biceps grinding the nape of the man's neck. Yep, Alexi learned a long time ago not to play "nice guy" in the BG East ring.

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Alexi Adamov vs. Scott Starr
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The veteran reeling in agony as Alexi's awesome quads collapse his ribcage

Alexi arches, bulging off the mat, falling victim to Scott's tight, torturous wristlock

Alexi Adamov - 6'3, 225 lbs.

Scott's biceps pulse with power as he pours the hurt on Alexi with a rear chinlock

Alexi cooing cocky smacktalk and warping Scott's spine over his knee in a brutalizing backbreaker

Alexi puts a punctuation on his punishment, bodyslamming the veteran into the mat

Scott begins to lose it, sagging as Alexi's sweaty bearhug wrenches and tortures the air out of him

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