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  Exavier vs. Paul Hudson

Paul Hudson - 5'7, 145 lbs.

Hudson's head almost knocked off his block as he's blasted with a violent clothesline

Paul is trapped on his shoulders, his leg's and arms controlled by his foe's submission attempt

Paul pushes desperately at the mats to avoid being turned over in a game-changing texas cloverleaf

With total intensity etched on both faces, Paul goes for his favorite finisher submission

Shoulder to the Grindstone

Exavier's got the size advantage and the big muscle, but Hudson's a raging demon in the ring, a hard-gravel fighter for whom the phrase "I like to hurt people" might have been invented. While Exavier is rash, impetuous, and vain, Paul is scientific, strategic, and hellbent on destruction. He is a highly skilled and instinctual mat grappler, perhaps the most accomplished of many former amateurs on the BG Roster. For Paul, half the battle will be to keep Exavier flat on the ground where he can exact the most productive punishment.

Though he too clearly knows his way around the mat, Exavier's always on the lookout for the easy win, the quick count, and the best camera angle to highlight his classic Roman profile. He goes big and bold, much to his opponent's chagrin. These wrestlers disliked each other the moment they first met at the BGE compound, so naturally we couldn't wait to put them in the squared circle together and watch the fireworks happen. And DO they!

On his feet, Exavier relies on his weight and size advantage. He storms into Paul like a runaway locomotive. But speed is Paul's ace card, letting Exavier brain himself against the ring post once or twice before dragging him down to his knees for a grinding side headlock. Most of us think of Exavier as a big talker who bullies his opponents with a barrage of insults and threats, but Paul doesn't give him much opportunity to speechify in this contest. His quicksilver moves keep his opponent (and us) breathless from the beginning. The blond live wire takes the first fall with a punishing straight armbar you can feel through your TV, clenching Exavier's left shoulder between his thighs, legs across the neck and chest to fasten the big guy to the mat. Paul immediately follows up the win with a jackhammer assault on Exavier's weakened left arm, driving his knees to the elbow and then cranking the arm up straight and tight behind the man's back.

The big talker is reduced to panicked gasps and gibberish. Then Paul pulls him to his feet to ram shoulder to shoulder with such ferocity that we half expect him to crack Exavier's humerus in two. Paul Hudson delivers a university-level course in how to destroy an opponent by targeting a single body part, relentlessly and maliciously.

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Exavier vs. Paul Hudson
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Exhibiting total arrogance, Exavier pins Paul to the mat with a knee across his neck

Exavier's resolve gets seriously tested as Paul cranks on yet another Hudson Horror submission

Exavier - 5'9, 185 lbs.

Paul ratchets up the pressure of the nasty wristlock he's applied to his bigger, struggling foe

Exavier punishes Paul's back as he stretches him in a mormon sickle bow and arrow

Paul is lifted up on the chopping black as Exavier works to gain a submission with a hangman

Paul wobbles, rocked from a right forearm as the sweaty, butt-bulging action spills outside the ring

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