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  Caleb Brand vs. Donnie Drake

Crucifix: Donnie rolled up ass in the air as Caleb traps his shoulders on the mat for a pinfall

Caleb sags, doubled over as Donnie cranking down on a blood constricting tight front chancery

Ballsy Caleb punishes his heavier opponent, squeezing him tight in a crushing bearhug

Donnie Drake charges full force, taking Caleb off his feet with a vicious clothesline

Caleb puts his boots to Donnie Drake's lower back, causing him to wince in agony

"I'm Not a Dirty Guy!" - Uh huh, Right!

Caleb gets boners off his own capacity for cruelty, and he gets even more wound up against somebody who can take it and dish it back up ... so long as he's winning. Getting a big, hot-blooded pro grappler like Drake to submit, now that's a victory! Brand may think Donnie is a "flash in the pan," but Donnie's no quitter, and his capacity for rallying, after what would most certainly be a finisher for most wrestlers, is just as astounding as Caleb's capacity for inventing and carrying out new forms of bodily abuse.

You have to admire this blond heel's eye for detail. At one point he's got Donnie by the toe of his boot. He twists it, twists it maniacally, and Donnie thrashes, at the mercy of his body's involuntary motor responses. Donnie tries to counter with a high kick that misses the side of Caleb's head by an inch. When Donnie succeeds at turning the tables on Caleb, pulling him up by his golden curls to deliver the thrashing this heel deserves, Caleb flees to the ropes, clinging to them while signaling for a timeout. Caleb begs Donnie to shake hands in a sportsmanlike gesture of respect. "I'm not a dirty guy," he assures him as Donnie looks skeptical about the proposed handshake ... and for good reason!

Sensing now that Donnie is no inexperienced upstart, Caleb determines to weaken him with a series of hard side kicks capable of not just stopping his opponent in his tracks but hobbling him, and he completes a rigorous first fall with a spectacular finisher that looks crippling ... and gravitationally impossible. Encouraged by his first-fall victory and a quick and nasty followup that ends fall 2, Caleb gets cocky. There has to be a chapter in The Heel Handbook that requires bad-asses to overstep themselves from time to time.

Caleb has Donnie locked in a crushing bearhug that looks like a surefire game-ender, but then, unexpectedly, Donnie elbow-slams his way free and reverses. It's hard to say when it's safe to count either of these guys out. Having demolished his opponent at what appears to be the end of the match, Caleb exits the ring and strides to the door. But Donnie, only half conscious at this point, calls out, his words slurring, "Where do you think you're going? We're not done yet. Get back here." Caleb stops dead in his tracks. Smelling the chance to up the brutality even further, he reenters the ring. Big mistake? Our lips are sealed, but you will definitely want to see the way this one ends. A sleeper? A piledriver? A surfboard submission? Or all of the above? As we said, our lips are sealed.

The big finish is everything you might hope for. We won't spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say - you'll get a big rise out of the big finale! Spectacular, even startling performances from two of the very best in the business. "Ring Match Of The Year", anyone?

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Caleb Brand vs. Donnie Drake
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Donnie is in trouble, Caleb's legs snaking around his upperbody for a shoulder wrenching leg nelson

The ring shakes as Caleb drops a big leg across Donnie's throat, softening him up for the kill

An act of desperation: Donnie grabs a handful of Caleb's hair in a bid to escape a pinfall

Donnie gains control of his dirty blond foe, bodyslamming him in the middle of the ring

A cross to bear: Caleb snags Donnie's dangerous arms, immobilizing them in a crucifix

Caleb surveys the chiseled back of Donnie while riding him in his own surfboard variation

In his zeal to win, Caleb repeatedly employs the corner, grinding his knee between Drake's shoulders

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