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  Caleb Brand vs. Donnie Drake

Donnie Drake - 6'0, 200 lbs.

Caleb's trunks ride up his cheeks as he locks up with Donnie, both guys straining for an advantage

Pretty boy dirty tricks abound in this ring match-up as Donnie is strangled viciously with the ropes

Donnie lets out a battle cry as he hoists the Canadian Brand into a spectacularly sexy bearhug

Caleb's heart-shaped ass bounces above Donnie's muscled backside in a reverse floating surfboard sub

Blond Versus Brunet

Many BG East fans crave blond-on-brunet action in the ring, and the more brutal the better! This one's a doozy, with two big, experienced pros squaring off, itching to give each other a good, old-fashioned bruising. Longtime fans should be familiar with both wrestlers. Square-jawed Donnie Drake, with the dark club-kid haircut, is first in the ring, still stretching his beefy muscle when shaggy blond Caleb Brand, fuming as usual, storms through the ropes to join him. Caleb promises Donnie a good, hard thrashing, to which threat Donnie smirks and responds lackadaisically, "We'll see about that."

The two bound towards each other, locking up, classic collar and elbow, hands at the base of the others' skull. Donnie snapmares Caleb to the mat, promising the golden-locked hothead all the fight he can handle. Seconds later, Caleb evens the score, and only a minute or two into the first fall, already it's a great day for fans of give-and-take mat action, served up by two well-trained and experienced ring pros.

Their fists cocked in front of their chests, the two men circle each other warily. Typically, Caleb likes to bust rookie butt, small fries compared to him, just one indication of the type of cold, hard, and sometimes cowardly character this man is. Think back on his demolition of greenhorns like Shannon Embry, Gavin Keys, and Velvet Revolver, ambitious youngsters that Caleb sent limping home to their mamas, some never to show their pretty faces in the BGE ring again. Caleb's not always the villain, but even when he's purportedly the hero, it's a safe bet that his opponent will be pissing blood after the match.

Donnie is a different story. Caleb may have a slight edge in overall experience, but it is only slight. As Donnie has proved in repeated no-holds-barred contests in the past (including two very popular Wrestler Spotlight videos of his own), this guy needs no encouragement to go ruthless and dirty to even the score against a dirtier fighter, and if Caleb is already aware of that fact, he must want to give Drake all the encouragement he can when he swipes at Donnie's hamstrings with the heels of his boots.

Donnie is no stranger to cheap shots either, and though he is the bigger of the two, he and Caleb make for a very even match. Caleb dismisses the reality TV star as a "flash in the pan," already in the final seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame. His mistreatment of Drake is tasty, partly for its own sake, because Caleb is a maestro of physical abuse, delivered with a headsman's deadpan work ethic, and partly for its promise of comeuppance as a fired-up Donnie Drake demands payback.

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Caleb Brand vs. Donnie Drake
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Caleb checks himself out in the mirror and encourages Donnie to do the same to witness his defeat

Caleb in control, intent on wringing a submission with this creative surfboard-turned-hangman

Caleb Brand - 5'11, 175 lbs.

The hot mophead crotch lifts big Donnie boy for a huge, ring rattling body slam

Donnie cries out as Caleb yet again uses a ropes and turnbuckle assist for a painful surfboard

Donnie snarls and Brand bulges in a spine-warping over-the-knee backbreaker

The pro superstar loudly demands a submission from the slowly withering blond Canadian challenger

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