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  Jake Jenkins vs. Carter Alexander

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 155 lbs.

A neck-cranking guillotine and crotch-ripping legsplit shows Carter has some impressive mat skills

Carter gives an admiring gentle stroke to Jenkin's pecs as he roughly scissors his pretty skull

Jenkins is in total agony, his hands clawing at his challenger's in an effort to escape the nelson

Carter continues to shut down Jenkins Junction, keeping him controlled with a forceful headlock

The Rookie-Wrecker and the Big Catch

Jake Jenkins likes rookies. He likes the taut feel of their inflexible bodies as he bends and breaks them. He likes the sound of their clumsy thumps when he slams them to the mat. He loves the sound of stunned respect creeping into their voices when they suddenly realize that this "little guy" in front of them is about to tear them apart. As a state champion amateur wrestler and an early career MMA fighter, Jake's forgotten more ways to hurt an opponent than most rookies will ever learn. Humbling a big, slow, cocky rookie who thinks way too much of himself is a guilty little pleasure that Jake savors.

So imagine Jake's delight when he finds big, beautiful stud Carter Alexander stretching in the gazebo before their match. Carter is incredibly lean, with shoulders a mile wide and a stunningly sexy, incredibly carved torso. New to BG East, Carter competed in high school wrestling but had nowhere near the success Jake enjoyed. He wears a tight blue singlet with the straps pulled down around his waist, showing off his rock hard abs and thick, pumped pecs. His long, hairy legs, buzz cut, and bold tattoos all say just one thing to Jake. It's time to reel in another rookie who has no idea what's about to hit him.

"Looks like we got a big catch today!" Jake chuckles. Standing nose-to-nose is more like nose-to-sternum as the ripped rookie towers over him. "I'm going to love crushing you," Jake smirks. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Towering over him, Carter smirks at the little guy talking smack. "Let's go, buddy. I'll kick your ass!" Many opponents have made the same prediction, but precious few have had the total package of skill, speed, and strength to back it up. Within seconds, Jake takes the flat-footed rookie to his back and cranks tightly on a side headlock. "How does that feel, big boy?" Jake asks, feeling that rush that always comes with the feel of mastery.

But not only is Carter Alexander big, he is also fast and tenacious. He neutralizes Jake's every offensive gambit by muscling free. Jake's shock and awe offense comes to a screeching (and we mean screeching!) halt when the rookie uses those long, powerful limbs to lock on a spladle and threaten to rip the veteran apart at the crotch. Catch and release, hold and reverse, these two high-strung grapplers battle back and forth with the rookie more than holding his own. Carter skillfully hooks one leg and cradles his confident opponent, coming within a fraction of a second of slapping down a shocking 3-count first fall pin on BG East's resident master of mat wrestling. Things just got serious, and Jake Jenkins is staring (way) up at a dangerously serious threat to kill his rookie-wrecking buzz!

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Jake Jenkins vs. Carter Alexander
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Carter's legs bulge with power as he legnelsons the seasoned wrestler in his debut match

Jake is swept up in the whirling tonado that is Carter as this new stud's debut leaves him cradled

Carter Alexander - 6'1, 184 lbs.

The gazebo stud seethingly handles pony duties as Jenkins sits tall and cocky astride his back

The singlet straps come down to show off powerful upper bodies as Jake pushes up in a headscissor

The cocky Jake gets the rookie under control, doubling him up in a headlock during his initiation

Long and lean muscle on display as Carter grits his teeth, masterfully working a nelson/bodyscissor

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