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  Lon Dumont vs. Denny Cartier

Lon Dumont - 5'7, 150 lbs.

Lon immobizes Denny, armbarring and digging deep to tear Denny's pec muscle from the bone

Denny's physique is spread wide open inviting every bit of punishment that Lon happily dishes out

Are we witnessing a case of pec envy? Lon relentlessly claws Cartier's pecs every chance he gets

A sadistic smile stretches across Lon's mug as Denny suffers beneath the stud in a schoolboy

You Can Take the Pro Wrestler Out of the Ring, But...

The BG East gazebo poses some unique challenges and opportunities to wrestlers. The venue would seem to clearly favor mat wrestling specialists like Denny Cartier, with its absence of ropes, turnbuckles, and springs that make professional wrestling in a ring such a different and distinctive genre. In the gazebo, there are no ropes to bounce off of, and when someone gets slammed to the mat, the wooden floor underneath is remarkably unforgiving. Denny thrives in settings like this, where his amateur wrestling skills, incredible flexibility, and blistering speed make the most of the simple, straightforward context of the gazebo. With his hotly muscled ass poured into tight purple trunks, Denny looks understandably confident and completely at home as he stretches and practices before his opponent arrives.

That opponent, Lon Dumont, on the other hand, has almost no mat wrestling experience at all. Lon's natural habitat is almost exclusively the professional wrestling ring, where he has made a fine art out of exploiting the ropes, the corners, the posts, and the apron to consistently exact debilitating domination. He's perfected an infinite variety of techniques in torture that make the most out of the unique wrestling environment of the ring. With no knee pads, no boots, and nothing but the great outdoors and the wooden railings of the gazebo surrounding him, this hardcore pro wrestling heel appears unmistakably out of his element when he tentatively steps barefoot into the gazebo to face his eager opponent.

You can tell that Lon is nervous because he doesn't say a word as the two lock-up, pressing, and pulling, and feeling out each other's powerful bodies. Never, ever, at a loss for words, Lon's notoriously running commentary of cocky swagger and withering trash talk is silenced by the unfamiliar setting. Then again, his sudden knee to Denny's gut and forearm blow to the young stud's muscled back speak for themselves. Obviously, Lon is determined to translate pro strikes and a balls-out brutality from the ring to the gazebo!

Playing to his strengths, Lon grabs hold of the momentum with both hands, stretching Denny out beautifully in a joint wrenching kneeling surfboard, driving his knee into his opponent's spine and making the youngster's handsome face twist in agony. The mat master doesn't even have a chance to counter before the pro smoothly transitions to a headscissors, displaying Lon's competition-ready physique as he demonstrates the power packed within his expertly crafted musculature, making Denny's head flush beet red.

It's most certainly not classic, amateur, mat wrestling, but with Denny's hot body writhing and flopping in impotent protest, finesse and technique just don't matter. The lightweight heel is making the gazebo, and Denny, his own!

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Lon Dumont vs. Denny Cartier
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The bodybuilder suffers in a tight headscissors, giving us an unobstructed view of his perfect abs

Lamenting Lon cries out in exquisite agony as determined Denny crushes with his powerful quads

Denny Cartier - 5'6, 165 lbs.

The "Best Abs" nominee shoves desperately against Denny, trying to escape the deep-drilling elbow

Lon bends Denny back over the railing while digging deeper and deeper into his thick, pretty pecs

Lon swoops in from behind and sinks his talons into the eternally suffering pecs of his opponent

Denny's bulge perches in the cleft on Lon's ass as he muscles the powerful legs in a boston crab

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