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  Kip Sorell vs. Guido Genatto

Guido Genatto - 5'10, 235 lbs.

The hulking, hairy Guido preys on the stunningly beautiful, yet hapless Kip, trapping him in his web

Guido snorts derisively as he muscles the beautiful muscleboy into a neck-wrecking chinlock

Salivating over his prey, Guido sinks in the cobra clutch, draining Kip's muscle of all resistance

A primal battle roar erupts from the big bear's throat as he breaks the muscle cutie in a rack

Rookie of the Year Meets His Worst Nightmare

No one should have been surprised when BG East fans voted sensational Kip Sorell "Rookie Of The Year" for 2013. The boyishly handsome hunk with a perfectly chiseled physique and a mop of eminently grabbable hair generated a ton of heat the moment fans got their hands on his debut last fall. Despite, or perhaps because of, getting crushed like a grape in his first two matches, Kip's stock has done nothing but soar. It's not so much that fans regularly request to see more of mouthwatering Kip. They demand it... Loudly!

When Kip first arrived at BG East, believe it or not, the devastatingly handsome hunk was unmistakably humble. Although he has honed his phenomenal physique to nearly superhuman perfection, Kip was always the first to admit that he had an overwhelmingly huge liability in his lack of wrestling experience. Earnest and eager to learn, the boy wonder began paying his dues by enduring some of the most brutal rookie initiations at the hands of two of our most accomplished upperclassmen, Kid Karisma and Jake Jenkins. Kip knew he had it coming, and he was determined to learn from every bump and bruise.

Something changed right around the time it was announced that Kip was our 2013 "Rookie Of The Year", though. That thin veneer of humility seemed to wash right off of the young star's beautiful body. Kip's ego began to swell and bulge even bigger than his magnificently toned muscles. Seemingly overnight, Kip became convinced that his days of paying dues were over, and the time had arrived for his opponents to show this rookie some proper respect. When The Boss told Kip that his next opponent would be Guido Genatto, Kip shrugged and smirked. "It's about time I got a rookie to work over!" Young Kip should probably do some research and maybe Google indy pro wrestling!

Of course, serious wrestling fans all know that although Guido has wrestled for us just once before, the mountainous muscle man bears absolutely no resemblance to a rookie. Far from it! An incredibly accomplished indy pro wrestler with years of experience, as well as a rabid fan following and a happy penchant for wearing incredibly sexy trunks, no one would dare underestimate just how dangerous Guido Genatto can be the ring. No one, that is, except for a newly crowned "Rookie Of The Year" who is a little buzzed from his new found fame and downright drunk on public acclaim and fan adoration. Being crowned Rookie Of The Year is definitely well-earned praise, but let's face it, it also paints a giant bullseye on the granite carved muscle-butt of Kip Sorell. Ready...aim....FIRE!

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Kip Sorell vs. Guido Genatto
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Kip's lean muscles are stretched to the limit as Guido arches in an inverted indian facelock

Guido reclines, his boot teasing Kip's bulge as the figure four headscissor drains Kip of strength

Kip Sorell - 5'8, 165 lbs.

Tanned, taut, tantalizing muscle totally trapped in a crucifix, hangman variation

Guido enjoys causing pain to Kip's uncannily beautiful, perfectly muscled physique

Hung in a tree-of-woe, Kip tends his aching bulge as his pretty face is ground like a cigarette butt

Kip lies like a broken, forgotten toy as Guido takes a moment to admire his own impressive power

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