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  Austin Cooper vs. Leo Tomasi

Leo Tomasi - 5'8, 140 lbs.

Coop's knee digs up into a warped spine as Leo bulges with unbearable pain etched on his face

Leo's smaller, tight, toned frame is sadistically squeezed, clutching ineffectively at Coop's grip

A pliable jobber grants Austin the liberty to create holds, grinding the punk's face into the mat

Austin grins callously, sleepering the fading, rookie, jobber fanboy that's been thrown his way

The New Guy versus the Divided Psyche

Austin Cooper has been flirting with his inner sadist since long before his well-documented heel turn in Demolition 16. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Austin's dalliances with the dark side are erratic, and we honestly don't know who's going to show up when he's scheduled for a match these days. Will it be the blond, bronzed golden boy in red, white and blue who charmed the pants off of countless BG East fans with his bouncing pecs and upright sincerity? Or will it be the devastatingly beautiful bruiser in a black leather vest, who possesses an unwavering disdain for common decency and a growing appetite for delivering soul-crushing degradation by any means necessary and otherwise?

Even Austin appears unable to predict who will show up on any given day, the saint or the sinner. Fans are vehemently divided as well, passionately pleading for more of the particular incarnation of Austin Cooper that they prefer. If we could somehow book a match between Austin-the-babyface-champ and Austin-the-angel-of-darkness, perhaps we could settle once and for all which half of this hunk's dangerously divided psyche is destined to determine the future career of one of our hottest and most talented wrestlers.

Handsome new recruit Leo Tomasi specifically asked for the opportunity to "learn from the best," as he put it, and by "the best" he meant one of his personal heroes, Austin Cooper. Lovely, lean Leo strikes a stunning figure, with his ripped abs and shock of curly brown hair. Wearing blue and white trunks and sporting a sexy scruff about the face, the rookie is visibly anxious as he awaits his opponent's arrival. He stretches out that long, limber body. He burns off nervous energy with jumping jacks and sprints across the ring. Long on ambition and short on wrestling experience, courageous, young Leo knows he's got plenty to learn, and he's eager, scared, and horny as fuck to begin his education!

DING, DING, DING! The bell rings loudly, interrupting Leo's pre-match calisthenics. The Austin Cooper that enters is ominously dressed in shimmering metallic briefs, more undergear than pro trunks. A black leather vest, dark sunglasses, and curled upper lip demonstrate which side of the bed our veteran hunk rolled out of this morning. "Who are you?" Austin asks, shaking his head dismissively at the rookie's frenetic pre-match activity.

"I'm the new guy," Leo replies with a confident nod. With a evil glint in his eye, Austin invites the cute, sexy rookie to take another sprint off the ropes to get a feel for the ring. When Leo comes bouncing off of the ropes, big, buff Austin nearly decapitates the kid with a vicious clothesline. "Yeah, you ARE the new guy!" Austin smirks.

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Austin Cooper vs. Leo Tomasi
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A tree of woe is not enough for Coop, so he disdainfully wedges Leo's inverted face in his bulge

Leo is apparently here to serve as a living, jobber punching bag for Coop to practice on

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 180 lbs.

Leo is helplessly hoisted and locked tight, gasping in the pain of Austin's deadly hangman

Leo face contorts in complex agony, the camel clutch coaxing forth screams of distress

Leo's packed bulge swells, hanging beaten in the ropes in hopes that Austin will show mercy

In his first outing in the BG East ring, the long, lean, Leo lays spreadeagled beneath Coop's boot

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