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  Austin Cooper vs. Leo Tomasi

Coop hoists the totalled Tomasi across his wide, thick pecs as he contemplates his next move

Dr. Cooper takes his job (-bers) seriously, "We've got to invert you to stop that bloody nose, buddy

Cooper totes Leo around the ring in a hangman, the wailing jobber's life flashing before his eyes

Welts already emerging on the rookie's back as Austin preps a tombstone pildriver into oblivion

Austin strikes a seriously sexy muscle pose, preening above a pile of freshly tenderized jobberflesh

Blood, Sweat and Tears: The Doctor is In

This fiendish iteration of Austin Cooper wastes no time in unleashing a merciless onslaught of bad-ass brutality all over ill-prepared Leo Tomasi. A breath-stealing, reverse bearhug showcases the new blood's impressive bulge before Austin flings him face first into the nearest turnbuckle. Whips from corner to corner punctuate wave after wave of gut punching, chest stomping, and maniacal chokes to the already defenseless rookie.

"I heard you were here to learn from the best," Austin snarls, dragging the battered young buck up by his hair. "Nope! You're here to wrestle!" An over-the-knee backbreaker shows off the rookie's bulge, even as poor Leo quivers in agony with Austin's elbow digging deep into the young stud's ripped abs. "Want help up?" Austin offers, only to hang him upside down in the tree of woe. Earnest, young Leo's grunts and groans crescendo into terrified screams of agony, which do nothing but tickle his villainous tormentor. "You see that?" Austin demands, flexing his mammoth bicep in the lean rookie's dazed face.

A barrage of bearhugs and bodyslams turn the hot rookie into little more than a pool of sweat and battered muscle. When Austin nearly rips his head off in a spine-stretching camel clutch, Leo is mid-scream when the arena lights go black. Literally, Austin's dark side has somehow, momentarily sucked the very light from the room! Seconds later, when the lights flash back on, Austin's handsome face is sporting a malevolent smile as he cranks even harder on Leo's back. "All my strength and power turned out the lights!" the heel crows. "I've just got pure energy there. I bet your life just flashed before your eyes!"

If Leo's life didn't flash before his eyes then, it almost certainly does later as tropical storm Austin continues to bear down on the hapless rookie. After smashing Leo's handsome face into the mat repeatedly, Austin notices that he's opened up a nosebleed in the defenseless opponent. "I made this sucker bleed!" Austin laughs as blood pools out of Leo's nostrils. To staunch the flow, the heinous heel scoops him up and once again hangs him upended in the corner. "We've got to invert you to stop that bloody nose!" Austin smirks, dragging him up by his hair and repeatedly dropping his head back to the mat. "If I cut off all the blood to your head, you probably shouldn't bleed anymore," Austin chuckles, snapping his gargantuan legs around the rookie's cranium and making Leo's bloody face disappear between his incredibly thick thighs. "Just call me Dr. Cooper, helping you re-'coop'-erate!"

Some fans will be thrilled to see how whole-heartedly Austin lets his dark side come out and play in this darkest yet glimpse of the golden boy's aptitude for villainy. Fans of cocky, dominating muscle will be simply ecstatic with Austin's luxurious flexing and gratuitous displays of overwhelming power. And if you like to see fresh meat ground to a pulp (and we know you do), Leo Tomasi's journey into hell will leave you absolutely delirious. This must-see match delves deep into the shadows of Austin Cooper's twisted psyche, as he takes Leo Tomasi (and us) places we never expected to see him go.

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Austin Cooper vs. Leo Tomasi
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"You need THIS to survive in here!" Austin crows with a gratuitous flex over the cranked jobboy

Leo's threshold is tested in Austin's surfboard, but has resolved to not let Austin see him weep

Leo Tomasi twists his deliciously defined torso forward with his big shoulders & lightly-hairy pe

Coop is never NOT in control in this mismatch, poor Leo's skull pulverized between Coop's thighs

"What's next?" Austin's magnificent, muscular backside is covered in sweat as he surveys the damage

Leo can barely keep his feet beneath himself as Austin chokes him violently over the top rope

DING DING DING! The brutal beatdown has come to an end for the unlucky Leo Tomasi

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