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  Joah Bindao vs. Damien Rush

Damien Rush - 5'11, 180 lbs.

Damien ties his opponent up at both ends, trapping his legs as he pours pressure on the headscissors

Joah muscles on a commanding, tight full-nelson, pinning the rich socialite's chin to his own pecs

Damien is rolled up onto his shoulders in a tight pin with his blue, bubbled glutes in the air

Damien demands a submission as he wears Joah down in a neck-demolishing rear-naked choke

Somebody Needs a Whipping

Damien Rush sees himself as one of wrestling's new bloods. Having broken with the look, style, and credo of online wrestling, he aims to change BG East fans' concept of the sport. Damien goes for a rough, deliberately "all-American" and "red-blooded" style of wrestling. He's got the details down pat: hairy chest, college-style singlet, and throaty, aggressive bellowing. We're different and we're impressed. He's butch all right ... and hot too.

But Damien's macho posturing means nothing to Joah Bindao, forever suave with inexhaustible reserves of cool, who has seen this type of brash wannabe come and go over the years. The look is one thing. The attitude is another. But the fight is something else. Perhaps his size advantage over Joah has made Damien over-confident. He thinks the mat room belongs to him now, and grapplers like Joah Bindao belong to the past.

One look at his smooth, chiseled physique proves that Joah is far from obsolete. Taking a serious interest in wrestling and the other martial arts, he has studied capoeira, the South American blend of fight and dance. Inspired by this culture, Joah brings graceful movement and sensual rhythm to his matches, even when facing opponents like Damien who know little or nothing of the tradition or style. Unable to engage in an agile, acrobatic dialogue between capoeiristas, Joah adapts the street moves to the mat room, incorporating acrobatic flourishes and dramatic sweeps into an arsenal of straightforward submission moves which confound and startle trust fund baby Damien.

Still, Joah is a BGE wrestler through and through, unabashedly getting a kick from the eroticism of contests of strength, speed, and skill and giving fans their money's worth. In his latest opponent, Joah sees what a lot of us see: a sexy butt, a hot hairy chest, big muscle, and a pouty sneer that maybe needs to be wiped off somebody's face.

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Joah Bindao vs. Damien Rush
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Joah clamps down on a bodyscissor as he stretches Damien's legs wide, putting his bubble ass on show

Joah has the hairy musclestud weeping in a deadly, constricting figure four headscissors

Joah Bindao - 5'5, 138 lbs.

Joah peels Damien off the mat in a seated surfboard, torturing his victim's back and shoulders

Joah sags backward, withering against the tightening, fatal grip of the rear naked choke

Damien's quads cramp up, eliciting a cry of pain as he suffers in a wide spladle

Joah throws his competition off as he pushes up in a handstand, dazzling with his dancer's ass

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