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  Bobby Horton vs. Lucky Loko

Lucky reels as Horton's massive form closes in with a cocked fist aimed at lean, languishing muscle

Lucky's long arms wrenched high, his devastated body locked in a tight, neck-cranking full nelson

Flowing locks are target #1 for ring heels like Horton who pulls his demolished victim up for more

Bobby ratchets up the pressure to further torture the abs of a thoroughly drained Loko over the rope

The lights may finally (mercifully) be going out for Loko as he withers in the rear naked choke

"You Know My Name?"

Like most heels faced with a lighter, lean and very longhaired opponent, Bobby finds Lucky Loko's luxurious locks an irresistible target. He yanks it, twists it, swings Lucky around the ring by it. (Who knows what the kid's thinking... not only is he picking fights with dudes who sport an intimidating fifty pound weight advantage over him but he's also growing his hair long!) "You got me workin' up a sweat," Bobby says accusingly, then spits into the palm of his hand and slaps it to Lucky's six-pack abs. The smack resounds in the arena.

If you wear your headphones, you may even be able to feel the sting of this blow. Bobby sits his 225 lbs heavily on Lucky's chest, butt up to the kid's chin, and drives his knuckles to the navel, leering. While effortlessly throttling his opponent, Horton gripes, "I thought they said, after all this time, they'd finally find me some serious competition."

Bobby tells Lucky he knows "this turf" from another time and then asks the kid if he knows his name. Lucky doesn't have a clue, but given his excruciating pain, he probably doesn't even know his OWN name right now. Horton tries to jog his memory with hints: "Tall, lean, long hair, years ago ...." Still, nothing. Assuming Lucky ever knew the name "Bobby Horton," it's unlikely he's in an emotional place right now to connect it with the buzz-cut, burly and brutal demolition pain-master who now holds him in thrall.

What's truly amazing is how much abuse Lucky can take and then still function, even if only involuntarily. Bobby batter, bashes and brutalizes the lean long hair, Lucky survives even a deadly sleeper hold that looks like it would finish a brute twice his size. Evidently, Loko is "lucky" in the same sense that cockroaches are lucky to have outlasted dinosaurs.

Lucky absorbs every blow, throw and utter indignity until Bobby gets tired of dishing it up and moves on to a new punishment. Finally Lucky submits under the pressure of a prolonged and punishing full nelson that nearly snaps his neck. At the start of Fall 2, it looks like Lucky might be able to turn the match around after he dodges a clothesline attack, but a pulverizing and very sexy bearhug seems to slam that window of opportunity shut.

If anything, the second fall is even more brutal than the first, climaxing in yet another bearhug; long, sweaty, and cataclysmic. Fans of demolitions that gouge the pluck out of even the pluckiest wrestlers (of whom Loko is almost certainly a legendary example) can find none better than those served up at BG East, where heels are kings, and babyfaces are pawns to be destroyed, only to be transfigured sometimes into heels.

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Bobby Horton vs. Lucky Loko
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Horton snags Lucky's long locks, using them against him with a flying bulldog

Bobby spears Lucky's abs with the tenacity of a rodeo bull, taking him off of his feet

Poor Lucky is forced to look into the eyes of the man who is demolishing him in the corner

An exhausted Lucky Loko's sweet, sweaty suffering is reminiscent of that of Botticelli's Christ

A sculpture in the making: Horton works a seated nelson in a tableaux of sweat and pain

Bobby digs deep to tear away at Lucky's abs, pinning him to the mat like a bug on a pin

A blood-freezing roar rumbles from Horton as he hoists his hapless victim up in a crippling bearhug

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