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  Charlie Panther vs. Jayden Mayne

Charlie Panther - 6'1, 185 lbs

Jayden struggles futilely, trying to avoid having his skull crushed to pulp between Panther's quads

Lean muscle stretched beautifully as Charlie tries to kick his way free of Jayden's leglock

The hairy-faced, dark stud warps his prettyboy opponent's spine in a camel clutch variation

The prettyboy wrenches Charlie's arms up behind him, bringing the normally dominant stud to his knee

All Over Jayden

Never lacking in self-confidence, Jayden Mayne has gunned for bigger wrestlers since he first arrived at BG East. He debuted against another newcomer, Trent Blayze, who outweighed him by almost fifty pounds. Since then, Jayden has faced off against muscle beasts like Joe Robbins and fiercely competitive grapplers like Jake Jenkins. Still a relative rookie but serious about his training regimen, Jayden has never said no to a challenge, even when, by all objective standards, he's seriously outclassed.

In Demolition 17 Jayden takes on a quadruple dose in Charlie Panther, a handsome hunk of a man who has it all over Jayden in size, muscular definition, experience, and attitude. Like Jayden, Charlie is serious about ring wrestling. As a rule, he prefers competition with experienced fighters like Jonny Firestorm and Paul Hudson; smaller, feisty battlers who over the years have proved that they're more than two handfuls for competitors of every size. It's guys like Jonny and Paul that Jayden looks up to and models himself after, and since beginning to train at BGEast he has shown much promise of greatness that, unfortunately, hasn't materialized in victories in the squared circle... not fully, not yet.

"Do you have any idea whatsoever what you're in for tonight?" Charlie barks as he enters the ring. Jayden attempts a comeback, but he's too slow in pulling his words together, and Charlie smartly and nonchalantly talks right over him, easily winning the verbal battle as he positions himself at the mirror to soak in the hard curves of his sculpted physique. The wrought-iron convexity of those thighs cannot have escaped Jayden's attention, and one hardly needs to mention the bulge at the crotch of his provocative animal-print trunks.

Panther has totally discombobulated the nonplussed young Jayden. Tongue-tied and clearly frustrated, Mayne lashes out without warning, leaping onto Charlie Panther's back and attempts a rear choke on the big guy. Is this strategy? Or is it hubris? Almost effortlessly Charlie flips him overhead, and long, lean Jayden lands hard. A stunned Mayne can't regain his bearings before Charlie commences to kicking the shit out of him. When Charlie tells him to get up and show what he's got, Jayden again lashes out wildly, hurling Charlie to the turnbuckle for some gut punching, but Charlie swats him away again.

"NOW you go to school!" Charlie tells him as he prepares to lay a mean squash on the cute ring rookie. But Jayden is determined to show Panther, as well as The Boss and all of us, what he has since been learning at the BG East Wrestling Institute - and as the action heats up, it looks like Charlie Panther may be the one who needs to start taking notes.

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Charlie Panther vs. Jayden Mayne
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Demolition 17 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

Charlie gazes down the length of his rope-tied victim while digging a knee into his lower back

Charlie gets up close and personal, staring into the face of his fading foe in the figure-four sleep

Jayden Mayne - 5'8, 150 lbs

Jayden bends almost unnaturally with his abs being drilled over the roaring Panther's knee

Jayden muscles the Panther forcefully to his knees, making Charlie wilt in the tight full-nelson

Jayden pushes up off the mats, displaying his muscular glutes and legs in a vice-like bodyscissor

The Panther snarling and salivating, tasting an impending submission from the vicious rack

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