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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Nicholas Rush

Nicolas Rush - 6'2, 160 lbs

Jonny flexes a big bicep while Nicolas Rush agonizes in his punishing cross body scissors

With Nick smothered and arched back over his knee, Jonny claws the babyface's vulnerable belly

Shoulder wrenching ab-stretch: Jonny twists the tall, towering, toy boy twink every which way

Jonny bounces Nick's long lean body across his shoulders in a spine-busting torture rack

Ordeal by Fire

In his first singles match after an only marginal partnership with the less-than-reliably loyal Lon Dumont, Nicolas Rush faces BG East's reigning resident heel, Jonny Firestorm. Oh my, oh my! Fight Jonny Firestorm and, win or lose, you are officially a BG East wrestler. You have matriculated. A match with Jonny at BGE is what pledgeship is like in a college fraternity. Even if you haven't got the muscle and guile to beat the guy, and very few do, you have to have the balls to face him in the ring before anybody in the company troubles himself even to learn your name. And Nicolas has the balls. At any rate, he HAD the balls until Jonny impetuously blindsided him and racked his nut-sack against the middle rope. That Jonny! What a guy! Welcome to the fraternity, Nicky boy!

Jonny skips the formalities of fraternal initiation and rushes headlong into the horrors of hazing. He clubs Nicolas' back with both fists, flattening him face first to the mat. Then he pulls the fledgling wrestler up by the scruff and chops the back of the kid's head with his triceps. Nick careens into the ropes, where Jonny, a technician of traumatic injury, uses them to bind and further torment the hapless newcomer. Not even a minute into the first fall, and it's already a bad, bad day for young, tall, tenacious Nicholas Rush.

Jonny looks almost bored as he pulps and punishes the rookie's head in a tight head scissors hold, with a crushing body scissors soon to follow thereafter. Nicolas moans and groans and feebly thrashes about as Jonny flexes his biceps for the his own admiration and for the delectation of us fans watching at home. His perfidy knowing no limits, Jonny grabs a top rope for elevated leverage to ratchet up the pressure on Nicholas's skull.

Senseless cruelty excites some people (OK, LOTS of people!) and silky white trunks do nothing to disguise how much Jonny relishes pulverizing poor Nicolas. "How does that mat taste? How does it taste!" Jonny barks out the question, while grinding the kid's face to the mat. Cruelty like Jonny's is both a talent and a hard-won achievement. His finesse and ingenuity in the art of pain never fail to impress. These two fighters may weigh the same but Nicolas is akin to a long bow going up against a small Firestorm tank.

For some reason, Nick's cute baby face becomes the main target of Jonny's wrath, most obviously when Firestorm's fingers snag the kid's nostrils, eye sockets, and lips, as if Jonny intends to rip it off like a lucha mask. In this, Jonny pushes too far perhaps, because in a moment of extreme agony, anger and utter desperation, Nicolas reaches up and rakes his fingernails across Jonny's eyes, stunning the overly confident Firestorm and thus turning the tide of the match ... could it possibly be? Could it happen?

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Nicholas Rush
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Jonny wrecks the jobboy's back over his knees, offering him up in sacrifice to the wrestling gods

Naive newbie Nicolas is pinned and in a submission predicament in Jonny's devastating drawbridge

Jonny Firestorm - 5'5, 160 lbs

Welcome to BG East! Jonny wastes no time, nailing Nick's nuts as he steps through the ropes

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The extreme tension on his fingers shows the intense pressure of Jonny's deep, devastating gut-claw

Sweaty Nicolas lays twitching on the mat while his tormentor Jonny Firestorm flexes victoriously

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