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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Nicholas Rush

A gleeful, merciless Jonny rips away at his kneeling jobber's face, making Nicolas beg for a respite

Nicolas contorted in agony over the edge of the ring: Jonny plants a boot on the babyface's throat

The tall newbie staggered on his knees, a supplicant before the altar of the fearsome Firestorm

A stunning bow and arrow submission variation has Nicolas Rush wracked in spasms of pain

An extraordinary application of the cobra clutch sleeper hold takes it toll on young Nicolas Rush

Torn Apart at the Seams

Nicolas Rush's audacity in fighting back against Jonny Firestorm is swiftly chastised. Jonny slams the rookie's forehead to the turnbuckle and then mounts the ropes to strangle him. Have no fear: the BGE cameraman pulls in tight on this, so we get the full impact of Jonny's crotch to Nicolas's face, while his fingers clutch the victim's adam's apple. There should be awards for shots like this one. The corner punishment continues as Jonny imprints Nicholas's stomach with the sole of his boot. Then Jonny pulls Nick away from the corner by the hair and smashes the kid's stomach to his knee.

It's probably best that Nicolas skipped breakfast and lunch on the day of the shoot because right away Jonny proceeds to clamp his legs on the kid's midsection for a hellish body scissors, flip-flopping him from side to side like a fish out of water. Twist and push as he may, Nicholas can do nothing to free himself. And yet the one thing he refuses to do is submit despite repeated and torturous punishment to his ribs and midsection.

In the future, cute rookie boys should be warned not to sign up for a BG match in the Demolition series without: A) first noting the name of the series, and B) fully alerting themselves to the consequences and fallout from such an endeavor. Firestorm demolishes Rush with no more conscience than a Waffle House fry cook cracks eggs.

Nicolas endures unbelievable pain and humiliation, while disregarding repeated opportunities to simply give up and end the torture. The rookie's rather remarkable resilience inspires even Jonny's grudging respect, which does not, however, stop Jonny from continuing to gleefully rip the kid apart. A gut grinding iron claw to his vulnerable belly finally convinces Nicolas to submit. But by now Jonny is too worked up to stop.

Having ravaged the rookie's face and stomach, next the Firestorm targets Nick's spinal column and legs in a wild, even exhilarating exercise of controlled fury and extraordinary leopard locks and submission holds climaxing at the vertex of pro wrestling: a sleeper-choke finish, the two sweaty bodies, near exhaustion, locked together at the extreme of pro-wrestling vanquishment! Incomparable action, as only BG East can produce.

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Nicholas Rush
28 minutes

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No mercy is shown suffering Nicolas as he agonizes in Jonny's deadly, neck-cranking camel clutch

Jonny delights in schooling the rookie boy: A suspended banana split leaves Nick vulnerably exposed

Jonny sets up a DDT, signalling, perhaps, the end of the road for poor, demolished Nicolas

Jonny goes airborne about to drop the big knee on Nick leaving him a mere sweatstain on the canvas

A look at the exquisite agony Nicolas is enduring, as he suffers, suspended in a cradle swing

Jonny relentlessly punishes the writhing rookie's long legs in a viciously applied Indian deathlock

With young Nick splattered and demolished below him, a sweat-soaked Jonny admires his muscle

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