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  Eli Black vs. Rio Garza

Fan Fave Physique: will Rio re-write his win-loss record?

Ruthless Eli uses the ropes for leverage to neutralize the size different

Lean, mean Eli watches himself beating down the pretty musclegiant in the mirror!

Eli's surfboard variation immobilizes his opponent

Rio gets worn down by Eli's relentless choking side headlock

The "New" Eli Black and Rio Closing the Gap

But all those bulging muscles are built for more than just looking good (though that, they do!), and when Rio muscles free, he stuns his MMA-trained opponent by reversing. The fitness model rolls Eli into tit-for-tat bodyscissors, cockily flipping the trapped scrapper like a rag doll, slamming his flailing opponent humiliatingly back and forth. Rio clearly relishes the unusual position of being in total control, and even when Eli manages to wriggle free, the muscle stud hops up and proudly flexes his pumped biceps with total confidence.

Of course, no one looks as mouthwatering trussed up and tortured as Rio Garza, and Eli has precisely the skills to dominate and display the fan favorite beautifully. The MMA fighter is just so incredibly fast! Rio doesn't see one move coming before Eli has executed three more devastating holds, pressing the handsome hunk closer and closer to submitting. When Eli chains together a crippling leg lock transitioning into, first, a single, then double leg Boston crab, the stubborn fitness star fights long and hard but finally, frantically slaps the mat before his opponent can snap his knee. "Damn, you're a good tap dancer!" Eli smirks, "I feel so evil right now! I don't know if it's the haircut or my new tattoo, but you've never met Eli Black before, so you don't know how I used to be. But this, this is the new me!" Eli spreads Rio's legs wide and drives his heel into the hunk's balls viciously.

Just when you're ready to chalk this one up to yet another humiliating, outmatched squash for ravishing Rio, the "new" (read: even cockier!) Eli offers a free shot. Classic mistake! Rio takes his opponent's leg, confidently controls him, and with lessons learned from a long line of hard knocks, he locks on a Boston crab with authority, wrenching on the smaller man's back. Shocked, Eli wails in agony, futilely attempting to escape from underneath the mountain of muscle bearing down on him. Raging Rio milks his smaller opponent for every ounce of suffering, and then flips him over, schoolboy pinning him as he luxuriously flexes that fan favorite physique.

This is a classic match of speed and skill against strength and stubbornness, but Rio has come such a long way in closing the speed and skill gap! The new Eli Black is bound and determined not to suffer the humiliation of being the opponent Rio finally, decisively defeats, but that decision isn't entirely in his hands. Tenacious, fierce, towering musclehunk Rio Garza has got a plan to take his future, and his opponent's lightweight body, firmly in hand!

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Eli Black vs. Rio Garza
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A desperate Eli works a bodyscissor and a jap strangle on the muscleboy

Mighty Mouse! Eli's lean muscles bulge, cranking a full boston on his bigger challenger

Street punk muscle squaring off against coverboy fitness model

Once the big man is down, Eli uses his torture locks to make the musclestar suffer and weaken

Rio uses his massive thighs to crush Eli's midsection and even his glutes!

Aggressive mat wrestling comes in handy as Eli executes a single-leg takedown on his opponent

The gorgeous muscle boy brought low, clutching his nuts in pain

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