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  Ty Alexander vs. Shane McCall*  

Ty Alexander- 5'7", 145 lbs

Ty cornered as Shane headscissors and crushes the prettyboy's head against the turnbuckle

Shane sits up high in a heavy, torturing classic boston crab

Shane lifts his smaller, sweat-soaked opponent off his feet in a rib-constricting bearhug

Shane lays waste to the bubble-butt rookie, claiming the gear as a trophy

Class Is In Session

It's been more than 17 years since Shane McCall won the title of BG East's "Rookie of the Year." Shane inaugurated some of our most popular series like Ring Wars and Dark Knights, translating outstanding amateur wrestling credibility into the pro wrestling and erotic context more successfully than perhaps anyone has ever managed. He won more matches than he lost, and more importantly, he never failed to deeply thrill his incredibly loyal army of fans. The years have morphed bear cub Shane into a full-on bear daddy, with a salt-and-pepper beard and a light coat of hair across his torso. He's 40 pounds heavier than he was when he won Rookie of the Year, and he's infinitely more experienced and dangerous in the ring. It's been years since he last wrestled on camera, although he's remained a fixture in private gay wrestling circles. However it took a special request from Kid Leopard himself to convince Shane to climb back into the ring with the cameras rolling in order to teach a cocky young jobber some long overdue lessons.

That cocky young jobber is, of course, adorable Ty Alexander who has made quite a splash since his first BG East match earlier this year. He's had that bubble butt of his handed to him every time, but that's hardly humbled the silky smooth babyface battler. Success can be defined in a variety of ways, and young Ty has quickly developed a fan following that has swollen his ego entirely out of proportion to his win-loss record. The hardcore jobber has become convinced that looking beautiful and filling the most fashionable gear just right are all it takes to strike gold at BG East.

Shane's assignment is to correct this little misunderstanding and teach Ty that being successful at BG East takes a lot more than posing and looking pretty. In a navy blue singlet, the big, burly veteran finds his pupil ready to claim victory for simply looking so good. "Who the hell are you supposed to be?!" Ty asks incredulously, staring at the 200-pound bear daddy climbing into the ring with him.

"I am the guy that Kid Leopard sent," Shane snarls humorlessly, "who has a shit load of experience, a shit load of talent, and will hopefully beat some of that into you!" Ty just smirks and turns his back. "You also have a shit load of grey hairs," the audacious young punk points out.

"Class is in session!" Shane announces, instantly exploiting his more than 50 pound weight advantage to muscle the youngster across the ring and beat the living shit out of him trapped in a corner. "Lesson number 1," Shane explains, not pausing his beat down for a moment, "do your homework about who you're wrestling against!"

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Ty Alexander vs. Shane McCall*
34 minutes
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With Ty pinned to the mat, Shane's big bad nerve claws sink and tear at his tanned pecs

The prettyboy's bulge on display as he lays trashed under the beefy, hairy veteran wrestler

Shane McCall- 5'11", 210 lbs

Ty screams in pain as his arms are wrenched in a double chickenwing

Old school vs. new school: Ty gets a face full of sweaty, upperclassman bulge

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Ty hung on the ropes, bent back and exposed for a powerful gut-bashing

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