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  Eli Black vs. Rio Garza

Rio Garza- 6', 180 lbs

Big, hulking muscle battles tight, wiry power in a test of strength

The frustrated latino muscleboy suffers in a tight full nelson

Eli's bubble butt on display as he arches to fight free of a brutal bearhug

Rio rocks back, working a full boston crab on his smaller opponent

Re-Writing Rio

Gorgeous Rio Garza cannot catch a break. He has all of the raw material necessary to be a devastating wrestler. He's been wildly successful as a fitness model, translating superhuman genetic potential and fierce physical discipline into constructing a physique that is as incredibly powerful as it is stunningly beautiful. He also has several years of BG East wrestling experience under his belt, making him one of our more seasoned competitors today. Of course, he's had his beautiful ass beat black and blue by nearly every opponent he's faced, but every loss has taught this world-class athlete a new lesson in how to succeed in the brutal world of BG East wrestling. His fans don't appear to ever tire of seeing this magnificent muscleman conquered and crushed, but Rio is weary of being king of the jobbers. He wants the taste of unqualified victory!

Our handsome hero thinks that he may have finally caught that break he's been waiting for when he stares across the ring at his latest opponent, Eli Black. Eli weighs in a full 50 pounds lighter than Rio. Rio's upper thighs are each thicker than ultra-lean Eli's waist. Standing toe to toe, Rio stares down from over half a foot height advantage and you can just read that smirk on his handsome face like a book. This is going to be Rio's day of reckoning!

Unfortunately for Rio, he didn't do his homework, or else he'd know that Eli Black is one of the most skilled and dangerous fighters at BG East. Other than a humiliating first match loss at the hands of Morgan "the Mastodon" Cruise, Eli has managed to break to pieces every opponent he's faced, including muscle hunks even bigger than Rio Garza. Ripped to shreds, with confidence abundantly borne out by his successes in amateur, pro wrestling and MMA, Eli can hardly be considered a catchweight underdog despite Rio's considerable size advantage.

Rio's tight white trunks strike a stunning contrast with his gorgeous brown skin as he paces, eager to get his hands on the "little guy" across the ring. Playing to his advantages, and playing on Eli's ego (a trick Rio learned from the best), Rio challenges his opponent to a test of strength. Of course, every ounce of Eli's insanely carved body is pure muscle, so he holds his own early on, earning grudging respect from the rock hard fitness model. But 50 extra pounds of high quality muscle mass is too much for even cocky Eli to overcome, and Rio first drives him to his knees and then flings him into a corner like a rag doll. "All right, you're strong," Eli snarls grudgingly, "but I've fought stronger!"

When Rio Garza offers Eli Black another chance to win a test of strength, the wicked-smart lightweight plays to his own strengths, scoring a lightning strike takedown and mounting the musclehunk with authority. Talk about strength! Eli's whipcord legs snap around Rio's torso like a vice and make the handsome stud choke on the pain. If Rio imagined he was going to roll right over his smaller opponent, he's quickly disabused of that notion as he suffers so snugly between Eli's thighs. But...

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Eli Black vs. Rio Garza
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Rio's treetrunk thighs snapping shut around the slender waist of his challenger

Eli clutching his abs in pain as he sucks in air trying to recover from a bodyscissor

Eli Black- 5'6", 135 lbs

Eli uses the ropes for leverage as he drives his foot into the package of a cornered Rio

Eli drills his fist deeply in the fitness model's muscled midsection

Eli pouring everything he has into a half boston crab

An MMA ankle-lock variation tortures and weakens Rio's big legs

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