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  Chace LaChance vs. Cal Bennett

Cal Bennett- 5'11", 210 lbs

Macho men lock horns to see who is the more powerful grappler

Making him feel the power as he pushes down on a tight full nelson

After years of being a punching bag, Chace enjoy's being in control

It takes a lot of oxygen to feed those big muscles, Chace is doing his best to cut it all off

"It's not the Size of the Muscle..."

Talk about hunks! This match features two huge helpings of bulging biceps, massive pecs, and ripped abs. Best Body nominee Chace LaChance has fought some of the hottest hunks we've come across in recent years, and he's always on the lookout for fresh meat to test his strength and skill against. Well he certainly hit the jackpot when he heard of bodybuilder and rookie wrestler Cal Bennett. Cal has stepped into the ring with the constantly improving bod of Chace to prove that all those rippling muscles aren't just for show. The fresh-faced rookie is going to learn fast that it takes more than a rock hard body to survive in a wrestler's world, and Chace is more than ready to pound that lesson right into the newcomer's skull.

While Chace has proven himself in the ring, he's no slouch when it comes to showing off a stunning physique, even challenging Cal to a pose-down before their match. Both men's muscles look pumped and ready for action, but Chace is quick to explain to the rookie Cal that it's not size but strength that'll keep him in the game. Cal doesn't back down from any challenge. Before the bell rings we're treated to a deliciously simple display of power as these studs go down to the mat to see who's arm will win out in a single round of arm-wrestling. After over a minute of biceps bulging and peaking - and glutes shining - it's Chace's arm that slowly but surely is brought down to the mat! He reluctantly admits defeat but, sure it must be a fluke, offers Cal a classic standing test of strength. Cal grips Chace's hands tight, and proceeds to bear down on the man with all his considerable power. Experience or not, Chace may have underestimated this rookie wrestler's abilities as he's slowly forced to drop to one knee, then both, before he's thrown to the mat. Another win to newcomer Bennett.

Chace crawls on his knees, knowing he can't outmuscle the big man. His mind is working though; his time in the BG East ring has taught him plenty of tricks to take down a towering opponent. The first real shot Cal feels in his wrestling career is a stiff arm lifted right between his legs, and the stud is squirming on the mat before he even knows he's been hit. Chace stays on top of Cal even as he writhes in pain. He's not interested in making this rookie's initiation easy, or even fair. Before Cal can catch his breath, he feels the bicep he beat earlier closing around his throat. The bodybuilder shows his power as he struggles to his feet, even lifting Chace from the mat, but he can't shake the more experienced wrestler. Cal sinks low, crawling for the ropes. Chace could finish this match only minutes after it's begun, but he's not ready to let the newbie off the hook just yet. He drops Cal just long enough for the stud to suck in some much needed air, then drags him back in for more schooling in the ways of the BG East ring.

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Chace LaChance vs. Cal Bennett
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The hot rookie suffers in-between Chace's muscular quads, trapped in a rib crushing body scissors

The sweaty muscle man gets powered back into a corner with a tight chokehold applied

Chace LaChance- 5'9", 190 lbs

Cal's beautiful, lean body gets put on display in Chace's OTK backbreaker

Sweat pours and big muscles swell, a rookie debut to remember

Hard pecs get pounded. Cal's helpless tied in the ropes, unable to stop his attacker

Chace is the total package. Perfect pecs, massive arms, ripped abs, powerful quads

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