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  Z-Man vs. Kelly King

Z-Man- 5'10", 170 lbs

Establishing his dominance early in the match by overpowering Z-Man

Not just a pretty face, Z-Man muscles back in a Boston crab

OTK backbreaker pain. How much more punishment can Z take?

Spine snapping modified crab, it may look unorthodox but it's highly effective

A Man Called King

At BG East you see plenty of attitude come and go. Some wrestlers have certainly earned the bearing they bring to the ring, while some cocky punks never learn their lesson, but there's no shortage of fighters here who seem to think they could take on the world. Kelly King may put them all to shame. He took one look at the cream of the BG East crop, and he just laughed, "These guys look like they belong in Playgirl, not a wrestling ring." To say that while staring down the likes of Austin Cooper or Lane Hartley, the man called King has confidence that certainly lives up to his name. After a challenge like that there were no shortage of opponents willing to take him on, but King cooly promised to demolish each and every one of them. "I'll leave this roster in ruins," he laughs, but as soon as he sets eyes on one hunk in particular, he knows which prettyboy he wants to take down first. "I'll start with him," he points as a sadistic smile crosses his face, a familiar sight among the most brutal BG East heels. This King may be right at home here after all.

Z-Man answers the newcomer's challenge with bravado to spare, matching the brawny stud's ego with his own cocky display. Z-Man certainly qualifies as one seriously pretty face, from his golden hair to his chiseled bod, but fans will know there's far more to him than just award-winning good looks. He's gone toe-to-toe with such legends as Kid Karisma and even Jonny Firestorm, and most recently had the ripped, young wrestler Kip Sorell writhing from an agonizing ab-bashing. This is a pretty boy that loves to fight, and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the grin on his face as he steps up to the ring across from his latest adversary.

While Z-Man may be coming up light against the heavyweight King, it's hard to say which man's ego tips the scales. Z-Man doesn't even give King the barest of glances as he enters, instead preferring to focus his attention on the gorgeous image he finds in a nearby mirror. King's patience wears thin as he watches Z-Man even spend time fixing his hair and demands the match start, coming between the hunk and his well-groomed reflection. Z-Man doesn't flinch as he faces down the sizable newbie, promising to wipe the mat with King's face. "And I won't even need to fix my hair after," he smiles. This match is all about attitude, and it is on.

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Z-Man vs. Kelly King
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Z-Man's flying shoulder tackle knock's the beefy heel off his feet

Working the pretty boy over, Kelly's not just going for submissions but total dominance

Kelly King- 5'10" 215 lbs

Big biceps won't do any good with a dislocated shoulder

A rookie to BG, but not in the ring, Kelly tortures the stud

What goes up, must come down... hard. Very, very hard.

Big beefy knee drop into the weakened back of the Latin stud. Z-Man is in serious trouble

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