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  Austin Cooper vs. Vic Madone

Austin Cooper 5'9", 180 lbs.

Vic taken off his feet as he's scooped up for a bodyslam

Vic flexes and struggles to break free of the powerful headscissors

Gritting his teeth and sitting back, Austin rides the bad boy's spine in a boston crab

Austin fights to keep his sleeper locked in as his opponent tries to wriggle free

"You're a Fighter, Huh?"

Vic Madone is a man on a mission. Ever since his sweat-soaked, testosterone-fueled debut against the scrappy Ray Naylor, Vic's been itching for another fight. While he certainly proved his strength and skill were up to the challenge against Naylor (Mat Hunks 9), it was far from an easy match. Vic came to BG East confident his size and muscle would send Ray packing, but wound up fighting tooth and nail just to hold his own against an opponent 20 pounds lighter than himself. Whether the exhausting battle left Vic with a bruised ego or the taste of a truly exhilarating match just made him hungry for more is anyone's guess, but ever since he's been feeling a burning desire for a good fight.

Scraps and spars with friends and fellow fighters couldn't match up to his experience at BG East, so Vic came back with one simple request, for us to throw the best we had at him. A tall order for a man just going into his second match, especially considering some of the resident talent here at BG East, but we aim to please and knew just who could give Vic the match he'd been looking for.

Austin Cooper may have started out as the BG East golden boy, but his fans know he's been exploring his dark side in recent matches. After he left his last opponent, former varsity quarterback Richie Douglas, in a sweaty heap of bruised muscle and broken resolve, he remarked it takes tougher wrestlers to last against him. Well, Vic may be just what Austin ordered. The golden boy can trounce some of the best wrestlers even without resorting to his dark side, but no one's untouchable, and Vic has been training relentlessly to prepare for his second chance to make a name for himself on the BG mats.

When Vic arrives at the arena, his muscled body even bears the marks of a seasoned warrior. When we asked about the black eye he was sporting, his only response was, "You should see the other guy." Clichéd perhaps, but as Vic shadow boxes to burn off energy until Austin arrives, even practicing his ground game on a convenient punching bag, you can't help wondering what happened to the "other guy" after leaving a mark on this proud fighter's face. Austin arrives and he too can't help picking up on the intensity in the air as sweat begins to shine on Vic's heated body. Perhaps the golden boy is merely impressed by his latest opponent's enthusiasm, but as the match gets underway, you'd swear you caught a glimpse of uncertainty in this budding heel's eyes...

Austin has a cautious air, making sure Vic understands that there are rules here, this is no street brawl. The fight goes hard - by the rules, but rules can always help a budding heel. After multiple lockups, it's Vic who manages the first takedown with Austin going down hard onto his back. Vic's success doesn't last long though, and Cooper manages to slip behind him and ride the struggling fighter to the mats for what feels like minutes. The frustration on Madone's face grows and the sweat on his muscles shines as he strains to force his way out of each hold, while Austin keeps the pressure on with his tried and true wrestling skills.

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Austin Cooper vs. Vic Madone
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Vic's thick thighs clamp tight around Austin's ripped midsection

Vic cries out in submission with his arm trapped and his abs crushed in a bodyscissors

Vic Madone 6', 170 lbs.

The two sweaty studs lock up on the mats

The tatted, muscled bad boy stretched out in Austin's over the knee backbreaker

Austin's bulging, bronzed muscles bear down as he rearranges Vic's abdominals

An inescapable bearhug has Vic arching to alleviate the pressure on his spine

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