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  Austin Cooper vs. Lane Hartley

Lane Hartley - 6', 215 lbs

Handsome but deadly: Lane wrenches the musclestud's neck with a reverse chinlock

Lane's elbow digs deep into the spine of his flattened, writhing opponent

The grueling, suspended full nelson crunches Lane's neck

Crucified in the ropes, Coop takes a knee to the midsection

An over-the-knee backbreaker stretches and nearly folds Austin in two

"So You're the Big, Bad Heel?"

Not every wrestler has what it takes to earn their place of honor in the coveted BG East Spotlight Series, and it's even rarer for an athlete to make such a name for himself that he deserves a dedicated encore appearance. Austin Cooper has been all fired up for months and is ready to make this an unforgettable performance, full of surprises. The "Golden Boy" has been showing us his dark side recently, demolishing one rookie after another, but he's still not satisfied. This Mr. Hyde wanted his second Spotlight to showcase his skills against the toughest opponents he could find, and boy did he pick some tough ones!

First up, pro stud Lane Hartley has been making a name for himself here at BG East for over a year now. While Austin Cooper was tossing around lightweights Richie Douglas and Leo Tomasi, Lane absolutely destroyed beefy bodybuilder Brad Barnes and made musclestud Z-man beg for mercy. Like Austin, Lane still isn't satisfied. Only the very best, only the creme de la creme of BGE competitors will do for Mr. Hartley and he will not be satisfied until they're all put down for the count. When he heard Coop was looking for the fight of his life, Lane stepped up with that winning smile and told Austin to name the time and place.

Lane is all business in the ring as he warms up like the seasoned pro he is, while Austin is all attitude, stripping out of his leather vest and telling Hartley he'll need to keep stretching to last long in this match. You can practically smell the sweat already building on these men's bodies inside the sweltering arena when they first lock up. Early holds are traded and give way to punishing holds. Lane's training shines through and he takes Austin to the mat more than once, but Cooper's experience and tenacity turn it around each time.

The resident 'heel' falls prey to headlocks and chokeholds in the early minutes of the match, but Austin answers with full nelsons, scissors, and later a punishing bearhug of his own that has big Lane dangling off the mat and crying out in agony. A camel clutch secures the first fall for the shining star of this Spotlight, Austin Cooper, but then it's time for Mr. Hyde to appear and he takes to punching, kicking, and choking Lane against the ropes.

Well, now you can certainly see the sweat flying off both wrestlers' bodies as Hartley absolutely refuses to go down a second time, his own well-placed kicks and slams turning the tide again. When a bow and arrow submission ties them up at one fall each, both men know they need to pour on heaping helpings of pain and the punishment to come out on top. Before the final fall, one wrestler will be tied up, abused, hobbled, and finally humbled, left crumpled on the mat with a triumphant and sweat-soaked winner posing victorious over his fallen form. Will it be methodical, powerhouse pro studstar Lane or that budding heel who's been fighting to break through to the surface of 'former' babyface Austin Cooper?

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Austin Cooper vs. Lane Hartley
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Stretched over the ropes, Austin wails away at the exposed abs

Lane flexes his skull-crushing quads in a devastating headscissors

Lane works a reverse bearhug and grinds his skull into Coop's lower back

Austin bounces suspended in a brutal, back-breaking bow and arrow

Turning the fight around, Austin stretches his foe out in a bow and arrow of his own

Lane arches off the mat to fight the pain with Austin's bodyscissors clamping tight

Austin Cooper - 5'9, 180 lbs

Who's the heel? Coop's muscular body frozen in pain by a seated double-armbar stretch

A rope-choke weakens Lane as Austin's knee crushes his spine

The seated camel clutch warps and wrecks Lane's back

A reverse chinlock drops Lane to the mat and slowly saps the fight from his powerful body

The former-babyface battles to prevent the painful scorpion leglock

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