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  Austin Cooper vs. Kelly King

Austin Cooper - 5'9", 180 lbs

Austin in agony: King's knee digs into Austin's back with a chinlock added for equal measure

Pretty In Pain: A punishing ankle lock sends Austin reaching for the sanctuary of the ropes

King's rope-assisted abstretch works over the bulging muscle of his evenly matched opponent

With Coop trapped in a web of pain, Kelly King bends the golden boy's neck back over the top rope

Let's crack that back! A roaring King drops his handsome opponent across his knee in a backbreaker

Hijacking the Spotlight!

This match was inevitable. Austin Cooper knew he had to fight Kelly King. This new guy Kelly was getting lots of attention, hijacking Coop's blazing bright spotlight. King got everyone's attention even before he had his debut on Hunkbash 16. A well-known fixture on the indy scene and a fan favorite on the underground scene, Kelly's arrival at BG East caused waves, rejoicing and for some BG East stars like Austin Cooper, consternation.

Kelly took a look at Austin Cooper and the rest of BG East's top echelon competitors, and promptly declared he could and would demolish them all. It was Z-man who got the first shot to prove the man who crowned himself King wrong. The musclebound coverboy gave it his all, but in the end His Majesty The King was true to his word and walked away the victor, wiping the mat with Z-man's pretty face, just as he predicted and promised.

Austin Cooper may be next on Kelly's hit list, but the budding young pretty boy heel has his sites set high: he aspires to be the first to take down the latest arrogant pro-turned-BGE star. Yeah sure, no doubt the odds are stacked against Austin: King has a height and weight advantage on the younger 'Golden Boy,' and plenty of experience to back up his high and mighty confidence: "You want a prediction? This kid's getting knocked out cold before he can say 'I submit'" If Austin is intimidated he sure doesn't show it. He enters the ring with a swagger all his own, backed up by his superior physical condition and youthful confidence.

It doesn't start well for adorable Austin. A solid boot followed by and even faster fist to his abs nearly drop him to his knees. Headlocks, arm bars, slams and strikes send both men reeling. Coop comes back both barrels blazing! If His Majesty The King thinks he's got this one won in a cakewalk, he's just been disabused of that notion. Crossfaces, rope chokes, and camel clutches manage to wring one submission a piece out of each wrestler.

Still it's anyone's game. King intends to make good on his word though, and for every successful hold, toss, or slam he suffers, King forces Austin to eat several fists and suck up several stiff kicks. Sweat and fists fly as the golden boy's body begins to turn black and blue. Whether King's raining down blows on Cooper's beautiful face in the corner or firing huge kicks to Austin's exposed abs while the erstwhile heel wanna-be is crawling on all fours, King's relentless assault nearly turns this wrestling match into an all-out brawl.

Austin Cooper doesn't stay down long, however. The young hunk drags himself up off the mat time and again, even when all he gets for his effort is more brutal punishment. Despite the torture, he makes King pay for every hard hit, surprising the veteran pro more than once with his own vicious assaults, slams, and body blows. Can Austin pull out a win and topple the titan before his steam runs out, or will King's words prove prophetic again? The way you'll see Austin stagger from blow to blow, you'll blow too! And you'll wonder in suspense if you're about to see King's prediction come true and see the gorgeous "Golden Boy" laid out for good! Austin Cooper may not be a "working" pro but this match proves he easily could be. A spectacularly paced perfect ring romp - as only BG East can produce.

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Austin Cooper vs. Kelly King
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Austin snags The King by the crown for a snapmare to send him flying head over heels

Submission City: Trunks stretched tight, Austin writhes in a tight, back-bending cloverleaf leglock

Air Austin! Coop goes airborne as he's snapped up and over in Kelly King's powerful suplex

And now it's His Majesty's turn to suffer as the goldenboy sits deeps into a boston crab

Coop thrashes and flails and then slowy begins to fade in Kelly King's strength-sapping cobra clutch

Premature celebration? The King dismissively flexes as he kneels across Austin's broad pecs

Kelly King - 5'10", 210 lbs

Pro-stud King bootchokes and tramples his handsome opponent across the bottom rope

A sweat-drenched Coop clinches his big indy pro challenger with a low reverse bearhug

Cornered Austin's abs get crunched as The King goes airborne with a rib cracking shoulder drive

"No, referee, no!" Cute Coop tries to resist The King's camel clutch

With the golden boy prostrate at his feet, the sweat-soaked King dares the BG boy to get up 'n fight

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