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  Tim Sheridan vs. AJ Lyle

Tim Sheridan- 5'9", 157 lbs

Sweat-soaked mat grapplers slip and slide against each other in a rib-popping bearhug

A desperate ab punch from AJ to escape a debilitating headscissors

A seated surfboard wrenches a cry of submission from Lyle

AJ enjoys watching his opponent wither and fade between his flexed quads

AJ poses and pops his biceps victoriously in a schoolboy pin

Sea Of Sweat: The Bitch Is Asking for It

Late in this match Tim Sheridan mounts AJ Lyle's chest with his crotch pressing to AJ's chin. "You're loving this," he says matter-of-factly. "Uh-uh," AJ counters, in a strained voice. "You like it when I'm a little bitch," Tim announces, with an added thrust towards AJ's face. "I'm going to take you down," AJ threatens. "I'm going to take you down and make you MY bitch!" He squirms but can't escape the lock Tim has on his head. "You think so, huh?" Tim replies cockily. "I KNOW so," says AJ with a forceful heave that leads to an escape and dramatic reversal. One small vignette from many of such in this match.

For a while now AJ and Tim have been two of BG East's "best kept secrets." Dependable journeyman wrestlers like these don't often get highlighted on our home page or catch the fanboys' attention, but they have quickly become well respected among their fellow wrestlers and knowledgable fans for their high-octane energy and persistence in pushing the envelope of homoerotic wrestling. Tim and AJ each have taken on some of the company's toughest competitors in three previous releases, and tired of making other wrestlers look good, they are determined to make names for themselves in Mat Scraps 3. But that means taking the other guy out ... and putting on a good show in the process.

Tim's resilience and pugnacity at first surprise AJ, the bigger and heavier of the two, but the big guy wins the first fall with a prolonged bear hug that sends shudders through Tim's body and forces a submission. AJ then lays Tim flat on his back, pinning him down, chest to chest and crotch to crotch, and stretches the smaller guy's arms out crosswise, as if poised to rip them from their sockets. "You can't take it, can you?" AJ purrs with sinister delight. "Screw you," Tim replies. Soon enough, Tim wriggles free and gets all over AJ like flypaper, attacking the bigger guy's joints and sweat soaked muscle.

After two falls, one win each, the wrestlers are too boned up to stop, not even to catch a breath. The perspiration slides down AJ's back like a hard rain. While pinning Tim down, he slides up and down his opponent's torso, crotch skimming over crotch then back up to clutch Tim's head between his brawny thighs. He enjoys the sensations of his victim's twitches, groans, and thrusts against his skin. He rolls on the mat, taking Tim with him, and helplessly Tim flails, wrapped up tight and nearly paralyzed.

AJ gets his face right up to Tim's, cheekbone to cheekbone, as he crushes Tim's balls in his right hand and orders him to submit. When a bit later, Tim repays AJ in kind, it's difficult to tell whether AJ is humiliated or titillated. Ambiguities like this are what make BGE wrestling so fucking hot. Tight, writhing body contact, prolonged to the breaking point, makes for 26 minutes of erotically charged aggression like you'll see nowhere else but at BG East - because BG East has too much self-respect to pretend NOT to be gay!

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Tim Sheridan vs. AJ Lyle
26 minutes

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Lust drives these men into the matroom for a steamy sexually-charged encounter

Sheridan drags Lyle over his shoulder with a strength-sapping hangman

A suspended bow arrow hoists Sheridan's aching body high above the mat

He tries to hold to his bearhug valiantly as Tim wails on his pecs

Tim's arms are restrained as his head is wedged firmly in a crushing headscissors

"I'm going to...make you mine!" AJ taunts as he works a tight chinlock on his fading foe

AJ Lyle - 5'11, 180

AJ arches painfully in an over the shoulder hangman

Perching precariously on one leg, Sheridan works a standing surfboard

AJ rips his crotch wide in a knee-kissing cradle/spladle combination

Sheridan clamps his thighs around his opponent's midsection and pounds at his pecs

AJ's trashtalking mouth is silenced by a sweaty package in a well-earned schoolboy pin

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